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Bulgaria is quite a small country with population of just above nine million. But despite its tiny size, it boasts of a rich musical heritage. The most famous of Bulgarian musical world is its female choral traditions.

They are well known all across the world because of their inimitable harmonies. But Bulgarian music is much more than that. Polyphonic singing, wooden kavel, wild welding music and bagpipes are other precious facets of this music.
The world came to know about Bulgarian polyphonic singing in late 1980s courtesy Le Mystères des Voixs Bulgares.

This record had several musical compositions of different artists singing stylist and profoundly set adaptation of conventional women’ songs.

Most common instruments used in Bulgarian music are; gaida, kaval and gadulka. Bulgaria is also unique in having one orchestra which has 100 bagpipe players, creating amazing sound and music. Music of this part of the world celebrates every occasion including weddings, birth and even death. One of the most popular Bulgarian singers is clarinettist Ivo Papasov.

His specialty lies in his ability of singing not only traditional wedding songs but jazz and modern music as well. He is credited to give Bulgarian music international fame.

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