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Fijian music is along the lines of Indian, Chinese and European music. Fijian music follows the styles and structures that combine Polynesian and Melanesian music.

Fijian music has heavy use of musical instruments like guitar, ukulele and mandolin.

Several drums are also used especially during olden times when it was used for making announcements for events, wars, births, victories, deaths etc. Smaller drums are also used during dances and chants.

A musical instrument called the Derua which is nothing but the bamboo stamping tubes are beaten on mats along with rhythmic clapping which forms the basis of traditional Fijian music.

The social life of the Fijians is intertwined with the music and one of the complex forms of Fijian music is called the ‘meke’ in which the voices and the dance are combined.
Musical composition varies greatly in Fijian music. While on one hand traditional composition follows strict ritual pattern, contemporary Fijian music has been influenced from the west. The Fijian music featured on Pacific Islands Radio. It was accompanied by lali and derua, clap sticks and the hand clapping. Fujian music represents a mix of songs, spear dances and some female meke. It depicts ancient stories and folk songs.

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