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Native American music is known for its melodious songs. The uniqueness of this music lies in the fact that, it does not include any harmony or polyphony and practiced more as a vocal art. Mostly it comprises of choral singing barring few exceptions of solo singing.

Native American music follows a descending melodic figure with irregular rhythm. This form of music is considered as quite typical because of its lack of absolute pitch and intonation.

Drums are an integral part of Native American music. Main percussion instruments are drums and rattles whereas flutes and whistles are chief wind instruments.

Native Americans use music as means of communication with mystical powers. Here music is not used for fun but rather, for exact results like, bringing rain, success in battles and wars, curing diseases etc.

Types of music include, traditional songs, medicine songs and ceremonial songs and modern songs.

Traditional songs have existed since centuries and still they are most widely used style of songs. Modern songs show sign of other advance cultures. Famous singers include, Lila Downs, Robert Mirabal, Martin Espino, R. Carlos Nakai, Robert Tree Cody, Native American Celebration, Joanne Shenandoah,Tru Rez Crew amongst others. Other genres that are getting popular in Native American regions include Rock, blues, jazz, country and folk.

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