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Swahili music is a popular form of music in large parts of Africa. It’s a mix of Indian, African and Arabic music. It is also known as ‘Tarabu’ and is based on island of Zanzibar. Zanzibar is the former capital of Swahili kingdom. This form of music is widely used in Kenya, Tanzania, Somalia, Rwanda and Burundi. What makes these songs appealing is varied use of different eclectic instruments. Instruments mainly used are drums of Indian and African regions combined with various stringed instruments. The slow rhythm produced is syncopated and relaxing. Most of the Swahili songs can be heard playing at social functions like weddings and other entertainment get-togethers. Tarabu also uses Arab choral assortment.

Other popular forms of music besides Swahili in this region are benga, soul, hip-hop, soukous, reggae, funk, rock & roll and euro pop. Renowned Swahili bands and singers include, Simba Wanyika Band, Maroon Commandos, Nairobi Matata, Maroon Commandos, Nairobi Matata, Bi Kidude, Ndala Kasheba, Remmy Ongala, Culture Musical Club, Bongo Flava, Saki Stars and X Plastaz. Famous sawahili songs are Hijazi Bashraf, Pemba Ina Siri, Mahaba, Jamani, Yananiatile, Abana Ba Nasery, Achien’g Abura, Asembo Piny Maber, Gidigidi Majimaji. These songs have been composed using oud, arab guitar, three violas, mandolin, cello, two udi lutes, dambak drum, earthernware drum, tambourine, kayamba rattle etc.

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