Maternity – a time in life that every woman cherishes and which every woman wants to go through at least once in a lifetime. During maternity, the woman is given special attention and importance. Loved ones take every possible effort to keep the lady happy. Some of these efforts include getting fruits, vegetables, and foodstuff that is rarely scarcely available in the market, reducing the lady’s regular work, and getting her new maternity clothes during her pregnancy. We all have seen pregnant women.

There is a different glow on your face and you know it is because of that little bump you are proud of. Motherhood is only a few months away where a new world is waiting for you. But before that you have to deal with your growing bulge. All pregnancies are known to be different, so you may have a nauseating morning or a puky session. Or you may not have any of it. Another problem you will be facing soon is the clothes size. If you are already a plus size then you would need plus size maternity clothes. These will be available at maternity outlets like Mother Care, Mother & Child, Moms to Be, Baby & Mom and many more brands. Another option is to stitch clothes with a tie belt behind, so you can loosen the belt as and when your belly gets bigger. You can also ask a friend or relative who has delivered before you to lend their clothes. This way you can fit into those clothes and purchase later as you know you will get bigger. Do not feel low or ashamed to ask for clothes, after all it’s only for a few months and you would not want them later.

Another option is to use your salwars and teem them with new khameez’s. This way you will not need to buy the entire set and save on a few bucks. Or you can stitch the biggest size and tuck them inside with gaps of 1 inch. So as and when they get tighter, all you have to do is remove the closest tacks. This way you can save on the money and use your material for a longer time. Buy stretch pants so you don’t have to bother about the button fit and a few stoles. Team them up with different tops so every time you look like you are wearing a new outfit.

This becomes necessary for working women, who need to dress up to office. So do not let your pregnancy to bog you down, infact with that glowing face and the right dressing you can look fresh every day. Their physical size grows due to which it becomes impossible for them to fit in their original clothes. In this case, new clothes are purchased. But these new clothes are not tight and fitting. That is because the woman needs to be comfortable in her clothes. Plus size clothes are clothes that are loose and comfortable. They are called plus size because they are of bigger size than the usual normal size. Plus size maternity clothes are usually found in designs like the shape of a gown, plus size maternity t-shirts, plus size maternity pants. Etc….

Designer plus size maternity clothes can be found at famous Indian malls like Globus, shoppers stop, aura, etc… plus size maternity clothes are usually medium colored i.e. not too bright nor too dull. They are found in silk or and cotton materials most of the time. These plus size clothes should be used for wearing only during maternity. Because is used otherwise other than maternity, they look very awkward because of its huge size. So it can be used for a temporary period only. This is one of the reasons that bother the customer while purchasing plus size maternity clothes due to its limited utility. So the customer compromises on the look of the maternity clothes and does not bother much about the color, design etc…India’s growing population might be bad for India’s development, but surely is very good for plus size maternity clothing manufacturers.

Stress is counted as the biggest problem of modern society and it is quickly raising the levels of health problems. It is because of the reason that the modern societies imply immense pressure in terms of family, work, emotional and financial factors. In modern times, one is thrown away with too much of work, which has to be finished in too less time. All this leads to physical stress along with emotional stress symptoms. Almost everyone in this world suffers from stress and needs a relief from it to live a healthy life.

People actually need a stress buster in such times. Usually when we try to take care of stress situation, we find so much on the plate that it becomes so difficult to decide an effective solution. We face this kind of situation very often in our day-to-day life. The initial thing you need to do when fighting against such a situation is trying to get a distance from the stressors. This will work very effectively to gain some true insightful ideas and solutions. This technique helps reducing stress as stress is a transmittable syndrome and it spreads from the people suffering from it to the healthy individuals. Maintaining a distance from the situation and the people will help you get the effective solutions for the problem.

One can also practice spirituality to help fight stress and get a healthy body and soul. Try nurturing your soul with spirituality and you will be able to reduce the stress levels dramatically. Initiate the spiritual light from your inside and you will be able to control your emotions and fight your anger. It will ultimately help in relieving stress. You may also practice the spiritual exercises such as yoga and it will help you great way in managing the stress.

For fighting stress you should stay focused, motivated and determined for your goals. Try to maintain a goal sheet and measure your progress towards it. You can even try splitting your goals in smaller fragments to achieve, and maintain the record of each of them. This will ultimately add happiness in your life along with increasing your enthusiasm and productivity. This helps a great way as stress buster. One may also try employing the stress games and stress toys in a stress situation, which will help to eliminate stress.

The stress patient should be helped to open his mind for the outside world and be motivated to participate in the outdoor games. Look for the games and activities, which bring you joy and happiness. This step will ultimately help to reduce stress levels. A person may find joy in writing, painting, educating the poor, helping the people in difficult situations or spending time with children. All these activities will contribute towards reducing the stress levels below the acceptable mark. The most important factor in the process of managing stress is about believing on oneself and the inner strength to fight with the situation. This will decide the success in achieving the goals and will be helpful in the procedures to mange stress.


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May 8- World Red Cross Day

The World Red Cross Day is celebrated every year on May 8. It is an important day in the history of mankind simply because of the role played by Red Cross in saving lives and aiding the defenseless communities around the world. May 8 is also the birthday of the founder of Red Cross, Henri Dunant. The International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC) is a private institution founded in 1863 in Geneva, Switzerland. Red Cross has contributed significantly to the relief of human distress and misery. In times of war, battles, famine, disease or any other natural calamities, Red Cross has remained at the forefront. It is credited to provide life to millions of people all across the globe.

Every year there is a selection of theme on the World Red Cross Day. The theme emphasizes the goal of the celebration. For instance, theme of this year was “Together for Humanity”. The aim behind choosing this theme was to make people notice the importance of partnerships. If more organizations become partners for helping people that are suffering because of some disasters, it will benefit the entire world. Humanitarian challenges are growing and that demands stronger local and global associations to face the situation.

Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies have the honor of being world’s largest humanitarian network to provide relief. They have presence in more than 170 countries. Red Cross society has always believed in carrying out great works silently. More than 240 million people across the globe are recipient of free assistance provided by dedicated Red Cross workers. Having said that, it is no easy task but Red Cross must be commended for the way they have done their job in an excellent manner. According to data, Red Cross and Red Crescent have total 97 million members and volunteers.

They provide first aid and other possible assistance to the victim on the battlefield. It is truly a remarkable job performed by Red Cross.

Traverse : Into The Future
by Je ‘ Free

What I say now may be elementary –
Once man unravels time and its mystery
We travel to the past by memory
Imagination’s what our future will be

Delve in the theories of the human minds
It’s heaven or hell or in between those lines
Push to one direction, a radical turn
We see this paradox a great concern

We have explored it almost endlessly –
How we can change the course of history
Kaleidoscopic the world seems to be
We need a mechanism to set us free

Traverse the unreached boundaries …
Where there’s no war, poverty, and pollution
Traverse the possibilities …
Where there’s no environmental devastation
Traverse the unknown energy …
Where there’s a parallel dimension disguised
Traverse levels of this mystery …
Where we will be spending the rest of our lives


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Ireland is a small yet profoundly influential country as far as the music industry goes. Irish music is known for its exhilarating appeal. In 1960s, music in Ireland took a major revival with the efforts of the musical composer Sean O’Raida. Until then the Irish folk songs devoted to pleasure and fun were on the list.

Irish music has always considered human voice an important element mainly because Irish songs were sung by all kinds of men and women irrespective of the class and the creed. Some of the well known Irish singers and composers are Christy Moore, Luka Bloom, Damien Rice, Donal Lunny, Damien Dempsey, Paul Brady, Pierce Turner, Andy Irvine, Anne Scott, and Mick Hanly.
With the modern times, emergence of the popular music genre like pure pop has occurred. Some of the famous pop singers in Ireland are the music hit group Boyzone, Ronan Keating and Sisters Mary and Frances Black.

Rock music also spread far and wide in Ireland. Some of the favorite rockers of Ireland are Rory Gallagher, Boomtown Rats, U2, Van Morisson, Sinead O’Connor,, Stiff Little Fingers, Cranberries, Thin Lizzie and even The Commitments. Composers like Pogues frontman and Shane MacGowan have contributed to make Irish music a rich culture in itself.

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Irish music – Listen and download Celtic and Irish music online

irishmusicinternational – Offers Irish Music CD’s, Irish DVD’s and Irish music and movie video’s on line.–  Lyrics and midi files of popular Irish songs.

The role of a youth worker is very important in the society we are living in. The reason is, youth workers help in the social and personal development of youths. They prepare and deliver activities for young people that can prove instrumental in making them acquire new skills and in improving their confidence. For the betterment of society, youths must fulfill their potential. The growth and development of humanity and civilization never comes from a single pocket. Growth must be inclusive in nature and every strata of the society should be able to participate in it.

A youth worker is responsible for engaging with young people (aged 13–19) in a variety of settings. He helps these youngsters in facing the challenges of life by developing their personal and social skills through activities that are enjoyable, educational and satisfying.

The basic idea is to empower young people. Youth workers strive to make these people understand the aspects of health, education, attitudes and environment. Only empowered youths can change the society. A youth worker is also known as youth support worker or youth and community worker. His primary role is to help young people with a variety of issues and needs. It could be providing counseling, teaching values, building relationships and organizing events etc. Youth social workers act as mentors to these young populations.

The young individuals have specific needs and youth workers try to fulfill those needs. They are trained professionals that specialize in working with a variety of young adults, children and adolescents. Most often than not, youth workers are employed by community organizations, faith-based groups or specific youth centers. A youth worker can prefer to work with a specific group of people such as, young offenders or ethnic minority children or those having disabilities or learning disabilities etc.

In USA, a youth worker must have at least a high school diploma or GED. However, preference is given to those with formal training in youth work. The course content usually includes subjects like social services, psychology, communications, adolescent development, humanities and counseling. More than the academic qualification, this career gives importance to experience of working with young individuals. Volunteering works can prove vital in gaining practical experience. Most of the employers also provide on the job training to enable new youth workers to learn the required policies and procedures.

If one wants to work as a professional youth worker in UK, he/she must have a qualification recognized by the National Youth Agency (NYA) or the Youth Council for Northern Ireland. One can pursue different foundation degrees, diplomas, honors’ degrees or post-graduate degrees in this field. But according to one recent ruling, since 2010 onwards, a youth worker must have education qualification of degree level or higher. One can pursue a course in youth work through full or part-time study, work-based training and distance learning modes.

Youth workers can find employment opportunities in schools, churches, faith-based organizations, nonprofit and voluntary organizations, local authorities and government agencies. This is a highly satisfying job.

Toxicology deals with subjects of biological agents and poisons and their effects on the human body. It is one field that has a bit of many other fields such as pharmacology, biochemistry, pathology and histology among others. No other professional studies poisons and their effects on living systems the way a toxicologist does. At one point of time, toxicology was only dealing with toxic materials but now its functions has expanded from identifying poisons and searching for treatments to include forensic toxicology. A trained toxicologist also tests and detects new potentially toxic substances used in workplaces, in cosmetics, agriculture and food additives. A toxicologist watches out for toxic waste in the air, water, and soil. He uses his skills to formulate safety standards in occupational and other environments.

The job of a toxicologist is full of responsibilities that have huge impact on human beings and on our environment. Many chemicals have harmful effects on living beings. These professionals are in a way, trained medical scientists that thoroughly analyze adverse impacts of these chemicals on humans, animals and environment in general. They are involved in supervising regulatory compliance and also assist with product safety. A toxicologist conducts field studies and laboratory experiments to identify health hazards. Their job role further extends to detecting and evaluating poisoning and treatment options. They are trained in conducting researches to establish short-term and long-term impact of toxic materials on humans, animals and plants and devise ways to minimize these impacts. They provide suggestions in regards of how to develop ways to prevent exposure to toxins.

Most of the toxicologists have a master’s degree or doctorate degrees. Usually, the education in this subject most often takes place through laboratory and research programs. The subject involves vigorous study and extensive projects. Master’s degree can be obtained in subjects like toxicology, biochemistry or other related field. Those who wish to pursue a specialty field must get a doctorate degree. The course curriculum has subjects like biology, environmental studies, chemistry, biochemistry, epidemiology, health behavior and risk assessment etc. Internships and on the job training plays a vital role in this field. Students get to gain valuable practical experience thorough internships.

Students of toxicology are taught aspects like assessment of potential health risks, limits of acceptable exposure and nature of human exposure to chemicals and biological agents. A toxicologist spends most of his working time in laboratories using advanced techniques in analytical chemistry and biomedical sciences. A toxicologist can specialize in subjects like forensic toxicology, analytical toxicology, veterinary toxicology, environmental toxicology and clinical toxicology. They are required in chemical, pharmaceuticals and other related industries. They combine with pharmacologists to test chemicals in drugs and make sure products and workplaces are safe. Their services are required by government agencies for development and implementation of laws regarding the disposal of chemicals, use and safe production of different chemical elements.

In India following institutes offer courses in toxicology and related fields:-
Centre For Advancement In Health Sciences (CAHS), Mumbai
Institute of Clinical Research India (ICRI), New Delhi
National Institute of Pharmaceutical Education and Research, Mohali, Punjab
TERI University, New Delhi
Indian Institute of Toxicology Research, Lucknow, Uttar Pradesh
Veer Narmad South Gujarat University, Surat
Courses are offered at M.Sc and doctorate levels

Cartoonist is someone who uses cartoons to express ideas, thoughts and feelings. He/she is a creative person. Cartoon artistry is an innovative and creative field. Almost every newspaper, publication and magazine etc uses cartoons to convey messages on a variety of subjects. Cartoons are nothing if not pieces of art. Cartoonist draws political, social, advertising and sports cartoons.

These cartoons can be humorous or can make the readers/viewers think about the matter depicted by the image. A cartoonist can work on a variety of subjects. A cartoonist possesses many skills. He is not just a good observer but also has a keen sense of noticing minutest of things happening around him. It is not an easy task to convey a serious issue with help of a picture and without using any words. It is a challenging but extremely rewarding job.
Cartoonists work for different magazines, newspapers, brochures, advertisements, websites and comic strips. They are well trained professionals with expertise in creating 2-dimensional and 3-dimensional images by hand or through computer software. Cartoonists use a variety of media to express their thoughts. Tools commonly used by them are pen, ink, pencil, pastels, acrylics and watercolors etc.

Cartoon artistry is a career for those who are skilled artists and wish to make a living applying their talent. One should have a natural talent for drawing. Now a day, most of the cartoonists are also trained in creating computer generated images and illustrations.
Those willing to pursue a career in cartoon artistry should complete a bachelor degree in art or design. Numerous good and quality colleges, universities, art and design schools offer degree and diploma courses in fine arts. Cartoonists will do well to complete their course from an institute which is accredited by the National Association of Schools of Art and Design.

Because of increasing use of computers and related graphic software in this field, cartoonists also complete training in different computer techniques. Internships play a very crucial role in gaining required practical experience. A cartoonist must strive to build an impressive portfolio of his works consisting of photographic, handmade, computer-generated and printed images.
Career as a cartoonist offers great job opportunities. There is a huge demand for animated and interactive images. Strong presence of online publications and numerous websites is also expected to increase the demand for talented cartoonists.
Some of the institutes offering cartooning courses in India are:-
Global School of Animation & Games, New Delhi
National Institute of Design (NID, Ahmedabad)
Arena Multimedia
J.J School of Arts
Indian Institute of Cartoonists
Zee Institute of Creative Arts (ZICA)
Industrial Design Center (IDC), IIT – Mumbai & Guwahati
Academy of Animation and Gaming
Above mentioned names offer both diploma and degree courses in cartooning. However, not many institutes in India offer post graduate degree courses in this field. For a diploma course in cartooning, one needs to clear 12th standard examination from any recognized board. More so, this field encourages people with creativity and innovation. Once the students have completed cartooning courses, they can work with a newspaper, magazine or animation houses as a political or comic cartoonist.

A stock broker deals in various kinds of stocks, shares and securities on behalf of particular investors like private clients, corporate and institutional investors. He acts as a liaison between the individual investors and stock market. A stock broker is a licensed professional who performs tasks like purchasing and selling stocks, bonds, securities and advises clients and manages their investments. He can also deal with fixed interest investments such as gilts, treasuries and corporate bonds, shares in listed companies and/or more exotic instruments such as derivatives.

Booming market and increasing interest in stock trading among general population has fueled the demand for qualified stock brokers. This is a tough job. It is never easy to handle someone else’s money. However, as a career prospect, stock broking holds several promises.

To become a stock broker in USA, one has to complete undergraduate degrees in business administration with subjects like accounting, finance or economics. With a bachelor’s degree, one will only be able to get an entry-level stock broker position but if one wants to reach top positions, one must pursue an MBA or other master’s degree in a related financial field. A stock broker must obtain the requisite license. He/she needs to pass the National Association of Securities Dealers’ General Securities Registered Representative (Series 7) exam.

New recruits are provided on the job training which includes security analysis, detailed information on the firm’s products and services, effective selling skills and communication skills. The internship period allows new candidates in finessing their skills. Stock brokers working with a financial firm must get registered with the Financial Industry Regulatory Authority after having worked for a period of four months. Brokers can acquire additional license and certification to further their careers.

If we talk about Britain, before stockbrokers can start practicing, they must pass certain exams. They need to be authorized by the Financial Services Authority (FSA). Some of the common qualifications held by stockbrokers in UK are,
The Securities and Investment Institute (SII) Level 3 Certificate in Investments,
CFA Society in the UK Investment Management Certificate
Minimum of grade B in GCSE Mathematics
EDEXCEL National Award in Personal and Business Finance
Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA©) Charter in Financial Analysis
Employment opportunities for stockbrokers are available with market makers, investment banks, private client brokers and asset management firms.

To become a stock broker in India, one must be a graduate with minimum of 2 years of experience in a stock broking firm. Once the course is completed, the broker has to register with the Securities and Exchange Board of India (SEBI) to become a stockbroker.

There are various courses on stock broking in India:-
Post-graduate membership course in capital market and financial services
Chartered Financial Analyst Equity Research
One-year Post-Graduate Diploma in fundamentals of capital market development and
Numerous Certificate Courses
Some of the major institutes offering stock broker courses in India are:-
Bombay Stock Exchange’s BSE Training Institute, Mumbai
Institute of Company Secretaries of India, New Delhi
Institute of Capital Market Development, New Delhi
The UTI Institute of capital Market, Navi Mumbai
Institute of Financial and Investment Planning, Mumbai
One can find jobs at different business houses, broking firms, investment banks or can work as an analyst or dealer.

Poland boasts of lively and diverse range of music. Poland is credited to given amazing musical talents like Chopin or Penderecki who produced mesmerizing music. Polish music has a wide range of genres and interestingly unlike other countries in Europe rock and hip-hop hold an edge over pop songs in this country.

Country’s own musical genres include poezja spiewana and disco polo and they are still popular amongst the flood of several other forms of music. Alternative musical forms are also encouraged in Poland irrespective of their origins. Folk music, dance songs, electronic music like trance have their own large fan following in this eastern European country.

Poland has this special dance music, mainly the mazurka and polonaise which is admired across the Europe. Frederic Chopin is the legend who helped in spreading this form of music. Poland also organizes music festivals like Opole Festival and Sopot Festival which are attended by thousands of music fans from all over the Europe.

To celebrate rock and alternative music, a festival is organized in Jarocin or Zary every year and is attended by huge number of music fans. Jazz and extreme metal music are nothing less than rage in their own rights. Famous artists and bands are, Warsaw Village Band, Jorgi Quartet, Broda Group, Kroke, The Saint Nicholas Orchestra, Trebunie Tutki Group, Carrantuohill and Ensemble Polonais.

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