Hindi Remix Songs

Music is inherently woven in the fabric of Indian culture. From the days of classical music, we have travelled a long way. Music unites all of India. The most popular form of music in India is Hindi film songs. Hindi is the most spoken language in India and that is why Hindi film songs are very much popular all across the country. In last 80 years, music has remained an integral part of biggest passion of Indian public, i.e., movies.

Songs and dance sequences complete the colourful canvas of Indian cinema. During the golden age, songs were more focussed on melody and lyrics. Use of instruments was largely restricted because of lack of new technology. With changing times, music preference of people also changed. Hindi film songs are highly addictive.

Now a day, thanks to all forms of latest instruments and equipments, Hindi film songs have acquired a new language and that is remixed versions. The term remix here refers to change of instruments actually used in the original song and that entirely transforms the song. Remix filmy songs have modern beats and rhythms. Even many classical and folk songs have been launched in remixed versions.

Most of the discotheques and party functions in the country play remixed versions on which people love to shake a leg or two. The culture of remix songs have also resulted in more sales as people are able to relish the original as well as remixed versions. Every new film album comes with two versions of the song and remix has become an integral part of Indian film music.

Most of the filmy remix songs are primarily item songs. Apart from that, some of the golden hits have also been launched in remix version. Songs like, Bhor Bhaye Panghat ko, Chura Liya hai Tumne, Roop Tera Mastana, Papa Kehte hain, Kaanta Laga etc were added new musical twists and were lapped by music lovers with great enthusiasm. Many remix songs have elements of hip-hop and rap. It has resulted in arrival of an entirely new generation of musicians who relish in adding their part of creativity in the songs. Remix songs are also popular among Indian people living abroad.