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Ethiopia is a culturally diverse country with more than 75 ethnic groups making up its population. Ethiopian music is mostly dominated by the Amharic-speaking people residing around capital Addis Ababa. Amharic musicians have carried on tradition of folk music with the help of instruments like washint (flute), krar (lyre) and masenqo (one-string fiddle).

Most of these songs were in form of oral history of Ethiopian culture. First famous artist in the world of Ethiopian music was Tilahoun Gessesse.

Owner of a powerful and soul-stirring voice, he brought revolutionary change and fame to Ethiopian music. Apart from him other famous singers are, Mahmoud Ahmed, The Idan Raichel Project, Aster Aweke, Gigi Shibabaw and Bole2Harlem.

These singers are adept at singing diverse songs including traditional and popular modern songs. Tilahoun Gessesse along with Neway Debebe and Mahmoud Ahmed are considered as music pioneers in this part of the world.

These singers not only performed with numerous bands but also played along side capital’s streets and grand halls.
Mahmoud Ahmed is the bestseller singer in the Ethiopian music circuit with over 250 releases to his credit. He is a pop icon who is equally adept at melodic songs as well as traditional tchik-tchik-ka rhythm. Few renowned bands in Ethiopia are; old-fashioned Imperial Bodyguard Band, Yohannes Tekola’s Wallias Band, Netsanet Mellesse, Ethio Stars etc. These band specialize in various genres including Rock n Roll, Pop, Traditional music, Reggae etc.

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