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For most part of its existence, Hungry has remained a communist state and that so dominantly reflects in its folk music. Hungarian folk music is an integral part of its national character. Hungary is credited to contribute heavily in the areas of folk, classical and popular music.

Hungarian music is still dominated by its folk songs which have kept on thriving courtesy its abundance of natural talents.

The effect can also be seen in Hungary’s neighboring countries such as Slovakia, Romania, Poland and most specifically in Transylvania region.

Glimpses of Hungarian music can also be felt in Szabolcs-Szatmar region and in the southwest part of Transdanubia, near Croatia. Bela Bartok and Zoltan Kodaly are country’s most famous folk singers.

Hungarian classical music is also quite rich in diversity and quality and to some extent it has been influenced by European music. Other popular genres include jazz, rock and piano. Renowned composers are; trumpeter Rudolf Tomsits, Karoly Binder and Illes, Metro and Omega.

Famous Hungarian songs are; “Budapest 3” by Tamas Cseh, “Mienk itt a ter”, Ha en rozsa volnek” (If I Were a Rose) by Zsuzsa Koncz (This Is Our Place) LGT, “Kobanya Blues” by Hobo Blues Band, Mondd meg, hogy imadom a pesti noket” (Tell Her I Adore the Women of Pest) by Jozsef Simandy etc.

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