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Bosnia is a Balkan country with strife-ridden past. Many ethnic communities reside in bosnia and that explains its diverse musical culture.

One can find traces of Serbian, Greek, Croatian, ethnic Bosnian, Turkish music in popular Bosnian songs. European music has also influenced native Bosnian music in a big way.

The most popular form of music in Bosnia is Sevdalinka. More of a folk song, sevdalinkas are emotional in nature. It’s a mixture of Bosnian and Turkish music. The themes include, love, sad love, melancholy, separation, death etc.

Instruments used in sevdalinkas are Saz, snare drums, guitars, violins, upright bass and clarinets. Popular old sevdalinka singers are; Emina Ahmedhodzic, Muhamed Mesanovic-Hamic, Kadir Kurtagic and Hasim Muharemovic. Modern day singers are; Himzo Polovina, Safet Isovic, Hanka Paldum, Zaim Imamovic and all of them are hugely popular.

Original ethnic communities of Bosnia have kept alive the tradition of rural folk music. Instruments used in Bosnian folk music are; droneless bagpipe, polyphonic ganga, sargija, ravne jesme, wodden flute etc.

Other popular genres include Rock music and recent entry hip-hop. Rock music has a large fan following in Bosnia since many decades. Famous rock bands include, Indexi, Divlje jagode, Bijelo dugme, Crvena jabuka, Plavi orkestar, Hari Mata Hari and Zabranjeno pusenje.

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