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Burmese music is considered to be very different from other musical heritage. Burmese music is influenced by that of Indian, Chinese and Thai music. Since long, Burma or Myanmar has remained a closed country so there are few not so clear facts about its music.

Yet, to its credit, Burmese music has unique musical tunes and instruments. Traditional musical instruments of Burma are categorized under different heads.

Instruments are made of different materials like metal, string, leather, wind instruments etc. Usual instruments are, Kyey, Kyo, Thaye, Lei, Let Khoke and Patala.
Most of these musical instruments have been developed by original ethnic groups. Myanmar music has remained unaffected from the influence of western music.

The music is said to be sans any harmony. Burmese music has more of musical timing which is quite suitable for melodious songs. Burmese songs are generally in 4/4 time (na-yi-se) or 2/4 (wa-let-se) or 8/16 (wa-let-a-myan) format.

It’s more of a multileveled hierarchical system. Most famous names in Burmese musical world are; Mar Mar Aye, Bo Sein and legendary Tonte Theintan. Current favorites include; Sai Sai, Shwe Htike, Khin Phone, and No among others. New genres like pop, rock, hip-hop are slowly gaining popularity.

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