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China has an enriching musical history that has been remarkable across the world. Chinese music is profoundly known for its pure melody and expressive tones. Generally, Chinese music is based on the five-tone or the pentatonic scale. Sometimes, the seven-tone or the heptatonic scale is also used in order to expand the previous scale.

Chinese music is defined by mathematical means which is a series of 12 frequencies popularly known as the lü-lu. From this other popular tones were derived to make the major scale which was common to the western music.

The 12 lu approximates the frequencies known in the West as F, G flat, G, E flat, and E. Some of the famous musical instruments of the olden Chinese music are the Guanzi which is the double-reed pipe, the Haidi which is a small oboe and the Suona (the Northern oboe). In the western capital of China, a free-reed mouth organ called the Sheng and a reeded transverse flute called the Di form a part of what is called the Xian drum music which is an important component of the Chinese music.

Today Chinese music can be classified into classical music, folkloric music and movie and popular music. Some of the famous Chinese artists are Liu Fang, Anna Guo, Lei Qiang, and Wu Man.

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