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A small country in size but rich enough in cultural values, Croatia is known for its folklore music tradition. Polyphonic choral tradition is the most fascinating aspect of Croatian music. The choral tradition of Croatia has always been very popular amongst the masses as well as classes.

Most renowned Croatian folkloric ensemble is Lado which has managed to survive every negative external factors and people still flock to get its records.

Croatian folk music tradition has given many other gems to the musical world. Gems include tumburica and tamburica bands. Tamburica is the national instrument of Croatia and it resembles lute. This instrument can be found playing in folk, ballads to dance numbers. Most famous tamburica playing band is Zagreb-based band Ex-Pannonia.

Other forms of music are also popular in Croatia. Pop songs have their own huge fan following and few of the famous pop singers are; Arsen Dedic, Zdenka Vuckovic, Meri Cetinic, Miso Kovac, Vice Vukov, Milan Bacic, Ivo Robic, Darko Domjan, Gabi Novak, Ivica Ć erfezi, Tereza Kesovija, Oliver Dragojevi etc.

Apart from pop, rock music is also prevalent in Croatian musical scenario. Renowned rock bands of crotia are; Parni Valjak, Atomsko Skloniste, Prljavo Kazaliste and Crvena Jabuka amongst others.

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