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Dutch Music has its own special place for itself in the international music industry. Music from Netherlands has rich and varied traditions.

Contemporary Dutch popular music also known as ‘Nederpop’ is strongly influenced by music styles that emerged in the United Kingdom and United States in the 1950s. Some of the famous Dutch musicians like the Golden Earring and Shocking Blue have gained world-wide popularity.

Traditional Dutch music is known as ‘Levenslied’ which means songs about life. These soft soothing songs have some great rhythms and melodies and are composed in couplets or refrains. Sentimental, love, death, loneliness are some of the themes that are found in this music. The musical instruments that are used in this music are the accordion and the barrel organ.

Now-a-days, the Dutch musicians have started using the synthesizers and guitars for composing modern music. Famous artists in this genre include Willy Alberti, André Hazes, and Koos Alberts. Other famous Dutch composers include Klaas de Vries (1944), Jacob Ter Veldhuis, aka JacobTV (1951), Guus Janssen (1951) and Cornelis de Bondt (1953).
Dutch folk music is known for its simple straightforward bass motives which are heavily supplemented with fast and happy melodies. Dutch pop and rock songs are equally well known. Some of the famous musicians in this genre are Doe Maar, Het Goede Doel, Frank Boeijen Groep and Toontje Lager.

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