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Filipino music is a mixture of European, American and indigenous sounds. The music of the Philippines has been influenced by age old music legacies of Spain, United States, Austronesian population and Indo-Malayan Gamelan music. Western rock and roll, hip hop and pop music from the United States have influenced Filipino music to a great extent.

The colonizers from Spain and Mexico left their musical marks on Philippines. This imbibed a music culture in the country that had its roots in Christianity and religious music. Musical instruments like the guitar became popular and soon became an important part of the customs and traditional elements of the musical culture of the Philippines.

The Kundiman is a lyrical song made popular in the Philippines in the early 19th century. The song is characterized by a minor key at the beginning and shifts to a major key in the second half.

In the 1920s Kundiman became a mainstream musical style, with many popular performers that included Diomedes Maturan and Ruben Tagalog.

Spain brought the Rondalla to the Philippines in the 1800s which is an ensemble of plectrum instruments. Rondalla is predominantly played in the Filipino rural community life. Banduria, double bass, laud, octavina, guitar, piccolo etc. are used in Rondalla instruments.

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