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When Hebrew (modern day Israel) was established, two other important things were also revived; formation of a body of literature and secondly a folk-song gamut sung in Hebrew language. This music is celebrated as “shirei eretz Israel” (Songs of the Land of Israel).

Initial Hebrew songs were influenced from Slavic and Russian ballads along with European rhythms intertwined with Hebrew lyrics. Most of the old Israeli songs were created using minor keys and duple meter in acoustic arrangement coupled with guitar, piano and accordion. Israel has an eventful history which reflects in its old and new songs. The songs themes range from love, life, youth to fulfilling national duty, war and peace.
Most influential composer in independent Israel was Naomi Shemer.

He has given many classical songs which are still revered in this country. Pop and rock also got themselves assimilated in Israeli culture later on.

Singers like Arik Einstein, Ofra Haza, Chava Alberstein in the period of 60s to 90s helped in popularizing other genres like pop, rock and jazz. Other Famous Israeli singers and bands are; Chava Alberstein, Wally Brill, Yair Dalal, Essev Bar, Shlomo Bar & Habrera Hativeet, Suzy, Al-Yaman, The Idan Raichel Project, Kol Oud Tof Trio, Baldi Olier and Ido Ziv.

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