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The largest archipelago in the world, Indonesia has more than 17,500 islands. The diversity is such that almost 300 ethnic groups reside in 6000 of those islands. Various cultures co-exist together in this fascinating land.

Diverse religions, multiple languages, different historical and technological backgrounds make it almost impossible to have a generalized description of Indonesian music.
The most widespread music in Indonesia is Islamic music, primarily because of its 88 percent Muslim population.

Other than Islamic music, different musical combination of other major religions like, Christianity, Hinduism and Buddhism can also be heard in places like Java, Bali and Sumatra The influence of European music can be seen in Indonesian music.

Numerous popular songs and Christian church rhymes have followed European musical concepts. Combination of European music and Indonesian local music can also be found in genres like Kroncong.
Most common musical instruments in this archipelago are flutes, gongs, lutes and percussion instruments. Musical ensembles are a mix of gong-chimes, traditional gongs and drums.

The vocal songs of Indonesia are a delectable mix of love songs and courting, children’s songs, historical narratives and devotional music subject to particular Island of the country. Famous singers and bands are; Debui, Nyoman Jayus’ Bamboo Ensemble, Marsada, SambaSunda, Rhoma Irama, Krakatau, Northern Sumatra – Partopi Tao Group, Elvy Sukaesih and Sabah Habas Mustapha to name a few.

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