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Japanese music is a vivacious blend of several types of traditional music. Also known as Hogaku, Japanese music is quite different from other Asian music. Different types of traditional hogaku are:
Gagaku- This is oldest from of Japanese traditional music and better known as ancient court music from China and Korea.
Nogaku- Nogaku is basically a mix of chorus, Tsuzumi drum, Hayashi flute and other instruments which were played during no performances.
Biwagaku- A traditional music played with an instrument called Biwa which is smilar to four stringed guitars.
Shakuhachi- At the core of this music was an instrument called Shakuhachi, about 55 cm long flute.
Sokyoku- Three instruments, Koto, Shamisen and Shakuhachi were used to combine together to play this traditional music.
Shamisenongaku: A guitar type instrument called Shamisen was used to play this music in combination with Kabuki and Bunraku performances.

Modern Japanese music encompasses a wide array of genres in both traditional and modern styles ranging from electro, rock, metal, punk, folk, salsa, reggae, and tango to hip hop and country music. Renowned Japanese rock bands and singers are, Kosugi Takehisa, Nanjo Asahito, Haino Keiji, The 5,6,7,8’s, Asian Kung-Fu Generation, Boredoms, Acidman, Buck-Tick, B’z, Bleach03, The Blue Hearts, Guitar Wolf, The Golden Cups, The Boom, Brahman, The Brilliant Green, Dir en grey, GLAY, GO!GO!7188 among others.

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j-music – Offers Japanese music and musicians, especially jazz and Hougaku, Japanese traditional music. – Offers Free Japanese Folk Song & music Midi Files.

Origin of Music – Learn about the origin of Japanese music which began at around 3000 BC during the Jomon Culture.

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