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Korean music had predominantly two main genres which defined its classy music. Traditional Classical and Folk Music were the main forms of music in old Korea. Korean classical music had a distinctly similar style to Chinese music. Even during old times, several customary ceremonies and recreational functions followed Confucian philosophy.

Korean folk music in contrast was more of energetic nature and it evolved from Shamanistic rituals. Impact of Buddhist music can also be seen in other cultural activities of Korea.
Korean music can be segregated in courtly, scholarly, aristocratic and religious types. Its folk music is mostly melodious in nature and follows a set of rhythms called Jangdan.

Korean court music can be traced to the 13th century. Three forms of court music are; Aak, Hyang-ak and Dang-ak. However, court music is rarely used now a day.

Korean instruments are divided into three categories of string, wind and percussion instruments. String instruments include 12-string zither (gayageum) and geomungo (six-string plucked zither), haegum (two-string vertical fiddle) and the ajaeng (seven-string zither).

Primary wind instruments are piri (cylindrical oboe), daegeum (large transverse flute), Chinese oboe, saenghwang (mouth organ), panpipes, hun (ocarina), flute with mouthpiece, danso (small-notch vertical flute), and grass flute. Percussion instruments include, kkwaenggwari (hand-held gong), buk (barrel drum), janggu (hourglass drum), jing (large hanging gong), The bak (clapper), janggu (hourglass drum), pyeongyeong (stone chimes) and chuk (square wooden box with mallet).

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