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Malayalam songs belong to state of kerala, in the southern part of the country. Like kerala’s magnificent landscapes, picturesque beauty and tempting backwaters, Malayalam songs are also equally beautiful and soothing.

Though, Malayalam music is slightly influenced from carnatic music yet it has its own flavor and uniqueness. Kerala’s classical music is ‘Sopana’. These classical songs often have emotional theme which is played using slow tempo. Classical music was always patronized in ancient kerala. Main propagators of Malayalam music were Swati Thirunal, Shadkala Govinda Marar and Irayimman Thampy. Tampi, Thankachi and K.C. Kesava Pillai were other renowned figures in last century. The most common instruments used in classical music are, chenda, villu, para, kinnam, talam, kudam, chengala, kuzhal and veena to name a few.

Apart from classical music, other popular genres include, film songs, pop, rock, hip-hop, folk music etc. Composers like Illayaraja and A R Rehman have contributed significantly in the development of Malayalam music. They have also introduced the concept of fusion music which involves mixing classical and western elements.

Other popular music celebrities include, Alex Paul, Rahul Raj, Shankar Raja, Vidyasagar, Alphonse, Bijibal, George Peter, Vishwajith and M. Jayachandran, Jayachandran, Pradip Somasundaran, Mano, S Janaki, Madhu Balakrishnan and KJ Yesudas etc.

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