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Malaysian music like Indonesian music is a delectable mix of western string instruments and local rhythms and melodies. Malaysian music ably demonstrates its cultural diversity. Most popular form of music is keroncong. Popular forms of music in Malaysia are influenced from diverse cultures. The most common form of music takes its inspiration from Hawaiian guitar styles, tango, rumba and jazz.

Apart, other musical forms include ghazals originated by expatriates of middle-east and Indians. These ghazals are essentially lovelorn songs mixed with poetry. Instruments used in ghazals are violin, guitar, tabla, drums, tambourine, harmonium, western maracas and Malaysian lutes.
Most common instruments used in classical Malaysian songs are; kettledrum, nafiri (trumpet), suspended gonga, two barrel drums (gendang) and serunai (oboe). These instruments have remained an integral part of Malay music since 15th century. Gendangs and rebabs (fiddles) are the instruments primarily used in folk music

P.Ramlee is considered as chief architect in revolutionizing Malaysian music. He is credited to bring modern musical effects in classical music which helped in popularizing Malaysian music. Other famous singers are Shiela Majid and Siti Nurhaliza, who are adept at singing all forms of music including Islamic songs and love tunes. Many Malaysian songs have been influenced from Middle Eastern Islamic songs.

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