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Nepal is a country with more than 40 ethnic groups and that shows in its musical culture. Music is an integral part of this country and normally associated with every occasion of life be it marriage, birth, feasts, festivals, funerals or national events. Various musical genres exist in Nepal, relatively a small country.

Rock, pop, rock & roll, metal, Latino, punk, hip-hop, folk, classical are other prevalent genres. Several pop and rock bands along with rap groups exist in this country. Nepali folk music is quite soothing because of its beats and rhythms.
Indigenous Nepalese music has several genres like, Newari music and Khas music to name a few. Newari music is all about some wind instruments, no string instruments and percussion instruments. Having a newari band is sign of wealth in Nepalese society. Khas music belongs to Khas society. Mostly sarangi was used in this form of music.

Other popular form of music are; Gurung Music, Tamang Music, Magar Music, Kirant Music, Sherpa Music, Maithili Music and Bhojpuri Music. Well-liked songs are; Simsime Paani Maa, Resham Firiri Tirtha, Banjho Khet Maa, Paan Ko Paat, Ganaharva, Sebru Tune, Marunee Tune (Samala), Saanghuree Baree Ni, Maachhi Mara Na among others.

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