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Pashto afghan music belongs to Afghanistan, a country with substantial regional diversity. Several ethnic groups exist in Afghanistan. Chief among them are, Persian, Pashto, and Turkish. The country’s past ensured that it was bereft of influence of western technology and music.

Its own indigenous music is very lively with mostly diatonic scales sans any microtones. Harmony factor along with polyphony is missing in the music.
Afghan music is mainly composed of songs and a small but considerable gamut of instrumental music. Persian poetry has greatly influenced Pashto music culture. Pashto music has its own rich history. Music of Afghanistan primarily consists of themes like eternal love (like Laila and Majnoon) and other emotional and historical events. However, current events are not really mentioned in its music.

Rubab is national instrument. It’s a short-necked plucked lute with compassionate strings. Other usual instruments are, Long-necked lutes such as dutar, tanbur, dambura, and bowed lutes like sarinda and ghaichak. There are two other instruments which are used only in Afghanistan, tanbur and 14-stringed Herati dutar.
Renowned regional singers are Meri Maftun, Salaam Logari, and Rahim Takhori. Ghazals are also quite popular form of music in this region. Most liked songs are; Ra jeg ka plaow, Tora jaan, Bya gad sho ba maidan, Dera stari yuma, Sabza ba naaz Ajab, Allah dilam Aziz etc.

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