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Persian traditional music symbolizes cultural prosperity and diversity. Persian music is also known as Musiqi-e Sonati-e Irani or Musiqi-e Assil-e Irani and it is the native music of all Persian speaking countries including Iran.

Persian culture has always put special emphasis on science and art of music, also known as Musiqi whereas the sound and performance of music is termed as Moosiqi.
Persian classical music is generally performed by petite ensembles. Group members include, singer, few melodic instruments (either of tar, santur, kamanche, nay or setar) and lastly a rhythmic apparatus, like dombak or daf.

These instruments help in maintaining a monophonic quality. The instrumental forms in Persian music are cheharmezrab, pishdaramad, and reng. Persian vocal form is known as Tasnif.

Persian music is mainly monophonic. In this form of music each instrument in an ensemble follows one particular melodic scheme. Music of Persia focuses on a comparatively slender register.

Rhythm, balance, and motivic recurrence at different pitches are specifically focused upon in this music. Music is based upon a modal system where musical patterns are kept quite simple with speedy tempo and intense embellishment. Persian music is quite different from other Middle Eastern musical structure and makes it even more soothing and fascinating.

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