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Poland boasts of lively and diverse range of music. Poland is credited to given amazing musical talents like Chopin or Penderecki who produced mesmerizing music. Polish music has a wide range of genres and interestingly unlike other countries in Europe rock and hip-hop hold an edge over pop songs in this country.

Country’s own musical genres include poezja spiewana and disco polo and they are still popular amongst the flood of several other forms of music. Alternative musical forms are also encouraged in Poland irrespective of their origins. Folk music, dance songs, electronic music like trance have their own large fan following in this eastern European country.

Poland has this special dance music, mainly the mazurka and polonaise which is admired across the Europe. Frederic Chopin is the legend who helped in spreading this form of music. Poland also organizes music festivals like Opole Festival and Sopot Festival which are attended by thousands of music fans from all over the Europe.

To celebrate rock and alternative music, a festival is organized in Jarocin or Zary every year and is attended by huge number of music fans. Jazz and extreme metal music are nothing less than rage in their own rights. Famous artists and bands are, Warsaw Village Band, Jorgi Quartet, Broda Group, Kroke, The Saint Nicholas Orchestra, Trebunie Tutki Group, Carrantuohill and Ensemble Polonais.

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