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One of the most vibrant forms of songs is Punjabi music. Often Punjabi songs are also taken as Bhangra songs. Bhangra form of music involves boisterous music along with energetic dance steps. Heavy beats coupled with fast tracks makes bhangra songs very very special and popular not only in India but in foreign countries as well. Bhangra is basically a dance music form of folk music. Instruments used while playing bhangra are, dholki, dhol, ektara etc. Mostly Punjabi festivals and special occasions are celebrated with bhangra. It is used even more heavily during the time of baishakhi or the harvesting period in Punjab.

Technological advancements have also helped in redefining this appealing form of music in form of fusion which is done by using several western musical instruments and lyrics.
Other forms of Punjabi folk songs are giddha, luddi, julli etc. Most of the Hindi movies also use Punjabi songs as an essential part of their music. Biggest filmy Punjabi hits are, chak de phatte, Rang de Basanti, Kawa Kawa etc.

Popular Punjabi singers are; Gurdass Mann, Hans Raj, Harbhajan Mann, Malkit Singh, Mika, Jassi, Kuldip Manak, Stereo Nation, Chamkila and last but not the least the king of bhangra Daler Mehendi.

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