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Romania has a mixed population of ethnic Romanians, German, Hungarian and Roma (Gypsy) populations. This has produced a rich multicultural milieu which has proved very beneficial in context of Romanian music.

Romania has a rich tradition of folk music. Traditional Romanian folk songs have also been performed by several groups of gypsy musicians also known as ‘Tarafs’. Types and forms of traditional Romanian music include names like, Banat, Bucovina, Wallachia, Muntenia, Oltenia, Doina, Crişana, Dobrogea, Moldavia, Transylvania, Maramures and Oas among others.

Most celebrated Romanian musical tradition is ‘Doina’. It’s basically a slow and soft ballad performed in instrumental style. This form of music has sad themes and played in free rhythm pattern. However, different ethnic groups have their own variations of Doina. Instruments normally used are violin, double bass and viola. Gypsies are an integral part of all musical functions in Romania.
Apart from being culturally diversified in folk music genres, Romania also has presence in other popular forms of music including pop music, hip hop, heavy metal, Manga pop, Electronica, Dance, Folk-rock, Rap, Jazz, Acid jazz, fusion and rock and roll. Fanfare Ciocarlia, Mahala Rai Banda, Nightlosers, Nomads Land, Okros Ensemble, Romano Drom, Taraf Ionel Budisteanu are popular names in pop music

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Directory: – Offers a collection of Romanian Music and songs Cds for sale.  – Provides useful resources for Music and songs. – If you want lo listen Romanian songs, specific for Moldavian region, in north-east of Romania, you can try these three songs. The songs are played at all romanian traditional instruments. “Ciocarlia” and “Taraneasca de la Pangesti” are played at Panpipe (flute de pan), the well-known instrument around the world

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