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Spain as a country has unique structure. It has 17 autonomous administrative regions and all of them have strong regional identities and cultures. First Spanish songs collection was way back in 1492, known as “Cancionero de Palacio”.

All of the regions in Spain have continued their cultural identities and hence, strong regional music flavors. Flamenco is most famous form of Spanish music and despite all the geographical differences within its boundaries; Flamenco has more or less remained the universal flavor.

It has been played on many international platforms as well and has been received with enthusiasm and love. It’s an Andalusians’ long-established folk music. It has three forms of the song (cante), the dance (baile) and the guitar (guitarra).

Famous Spanish singers are; Alboka, Atlantica, Bidaia, Xuacu Amieva, Françoise Atlan, Gerardo Nunez & Perico Sambeat, Marcelino Guerra, Jerez Texas, Karim Baggili Quartet, La Gran Orquesta Republicana, Soledad Bravo, Camarón de la Isla, Manu Chao, Creole Unit etc.
Spain has numerous styles of folk music. Other popular genres include, Pop, rock, hip hop and heavy metal. Current pop world in Spain is a wonderful and delectable mix of class, style and cutting edge effects. It even has electronica and euro disco. Rock, punk, reggae, ska and even hip-hop have their fan following and have number of homegrown talents.

Most famous Spanish pop singers and bands include, Amaral, Burning, Cafe Quijano, Los Bravos, Los Brincos, Duo Dinamico, Edurne, Aviador Dro, La Buena Vida, Nacha Pop, Nena Daconte, Ojos de Brujo, El Canto Del Loco, Dover, Duncan Dhu, Hidrogenesse, Hombres G, Jarabe de Palo, Estopa

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