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Sweden has a strong presence in the western musical world. Numerous artists have made their mark in varied genres like jazz, folk, classical and rock. Swedish artists are seen as national pride. Swedish government has also been very helpful towards the music industry by sponsoring and promoting number of concerts and recordings both on national and international levels. Swedish folk is at the forefront of Nordic traditional music revival movement. Folk songs have again started to gain popularity across the country and Nordic region. Groups like, Groupa, Susanne Rosenberg, Hedningarna, Vasen and Garmarna have contributed significantly in the revival of folk music. Basic Swedish folk rhythm is called ‘Polska’.

Sweden also has a taste for jazz and classical operas world. Singers in these genres have kept enthralling the world with irregular frequency. Louis Armstrong, Rolf Ericson, Ake “Stan” Hasselgard, Lars Gullin, Koop, Jenny Lind and Birgit Nilsson are few top names in these genres.

Commonly used instrument are fiddle (fiol), accordeon (dragspel), clarinet etc. One instrument unique to Swedish music is nyckelharpa (key fiddle). It’s more like a hurdy-gurdy played with a bow. It has got immensely popular in last few decades. There is another traditional instrument called spelpipa or spilapipa. It is a whistler and frequently used in Swedish music.

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