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Thailand’s music is influenced from several musical cultures of Asia and western countries. Effect of Indian and Chinese music can be seen in indigenous Thai music. European and American musical cultures have also contributed a lot in maintaining the diversity in Thai music.

Thai musical compositions are made of seven equal notes with firm and balanced tempo. Melody is an integral part of Thailand songs accompanied by slow and fast tempo.

Musical notations of Thailand are said to be complicated. Commonly used instruments are; piano, flute, strings, percussion instruments and gongs. Classical musical instruments are piphat, khruang sai, sang, phin, krachap, pichanai, chakhe among home grown instruments. Foreign instruments which have become an integral part of Thai music are violin, piano, drums etc.

Pleng luk thung is Thai country music. Themes normally consist of stories about rural lifestyles of its citizens. Famous names in Thai music world are, Ponsri Woranut, Pumpuang Duangjan, Suraphol Sombatcharoen. Thai folk music uses rhythmic vocals and helps in producing soothing music. Folk songs have different regional interpretations. Other popular genres include, tango, jazz, rock, pop, classical western etc. current popular Thai pop singers are, Tata Young, Christina Aguilar and Asanee & Wasan.

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