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Turkey is a country with extremely diverse culture. Its diversity can be credited to the fact that it has been ruled by several civilizations including Byzantine Empire, Persians, and Balkans in last many centuries.

The impact of these civilizations can be seen in its ethnic and cultural variety. Turkish music truly represents assorted mix of eclectic musical genres. Turkish folk songs have glimpses of Jew, Armenian, Greek and numerous other cultures. Each and every region of the country has separate folk traditions. Turkey has a rich blend of classical and folk music.

Turkish classical music was introduced by Ottoman Empire. Also known as Saray music or royal court music, its scales and modes were termed Makam. This genre produced artists’ of great talents like, Dede Efendi, Sultan Suleyman, Bulent Ersoy, Munir Nurettin Selcuk, Baba Hamparsum, Muzeyyen Senar, Prince Cantemir, Efendi, Sultan Selim III, and Zekai Tunca. Instruments used were tanbur, oud, ney, darbuka and kanun.
Folk music always commanded a special place in the hearts of Turkish population. Also known as ‘Turku’, themes mainly comprised of rural life and related aspects. They are still played at social occasions like, weddings, funerals, gatherings and festivals. Renowned folk singers included ik Veysel and Mahsuni, Nazim Hikmet’s and Zulfu Livaneli.

Commonly used folk instruments were Zurna, darbuka, ney, kemenche and lama. Other well spread musical genres include Sufi songs, rock songs, pop, hip-hop and rap.

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