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Evolution of Vietnamese Music can be credited to the Chinese and Japanese influences. Vietnamese music is an interesting mix of several other cultures including Indian, Mongolian and chamban music. But in a larger perspective, this music is most similar to Chinese music not only in terms of theory but the instruments being used as well. Vietnam also boasts of a good number of ethnic communities who have contributed heavily in the evolution of this music.
The striking similarity with Chinese musical traditions and even instruments soon gave way to introduction of Vietnam’s own rich musical diversity.

Several instruments were introduced and modified along with changed musical connotations.Country’s folk music is quite distinct because of its religious fervor and spiritual nature. Buddhist traditions were also followed in its folk music. Modern Vietnamese music has incorporated several other genres including, western pop, rock, hip-hop, R & B and western classical music. Western instruments are frequently used in modern songs.

Blending of western classical music with country’s own traditional musical sounds and instruments has resulted in producing an altogether different musical effect which is nothing but mesmerizing. Modern music artists include, Di, Ming Tuy, Pham Duy, Thanh Tung and Cao among others.

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