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“Here comes the bride, All dressed in white…” is not the only popular wedding song to ever exist, contrary to what people believe. In fact, there are so many songs, that brides and grooms go crazy selecting what should be played, and in what order on their wedding day.

Why are songs so important during weddings? This is because music is considered one of the ingredients for celebration. In fact, without music it would just be a dull affair like any other.

In fact, in India every culture has a collection of popular wedding songs that are either sung and performed live or then just performed too while it plays in the background.  Indian wedding songs, no matter from which part of the country it comes from, or in which language it is penned, forms an integral part of the wedding celebration. In most Indian cultures, it is customary to have a song and dance function a night before the wedding.

On that night all friends and relatives gather and they perform to popular wedding songs. These songs maybe dedicated to the bride and groom, member of the family of the bride and groom, or are situational. All are performance oriented, with well meaning words. Some songs prepare the girl in a comical way for what she is to expect from her in-laws. All is done in sporting spirit.

In fact, nowadays it has become a fashion to rehearse and perform to Indian film songs that are picturized on the wedding scene. In fact, the film wedding songs are the most popular in India. After performing and singing the folk wedding songs, invariably the entire wedding entourage would shift to the film wedding songs.

While in India the predominant wedding songs are the folk ones that have come down through the ages, as well as those that form a part of the film; the Christian weddings too have the popular ones that are situational.

However, while performing at the Christian weddings, there are songs that have been created to serve each singing member’s purpose, which includes the friends, relatives and family members. But then, when preparing for a wedding, one can draw up a list of all the wedding songs and classify them in accordance so that each one can sing or perform to a dedicated song. The classifications could include:

· Father/mother to daughter songs

· Father/Mother to son Songs

· Wedding celebratory songs

· Bride-bridegroom songs

· In-laws songs

Author Annie Zaidi.

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