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Iranian music is quite rich in its own rights. Iranian music is thought to be centuries old and under its repertoire comes various genres including classical music, folk music and pop music as well. Iran has many ethnic communities and they all have different style of folk music.

Most prominent style of folk music is prevalent in the northeastern region of Iran called, Khorasan. Here, fascinating folk songs are accompanied by instruments like the double-reeded ghooshmeh, daiyreh drum, stringed dotar and wind instrument.

These songs feature kemancheh player Kayhan Kalhor and famous vocalist Mohammad Reza Shajarian.
Apart from khorasan music, western part of Iran, a stronghold of Kurdish population has its own unique Kurdish and Iranian classical music.

Most renowned practitioner of classical music in Iran is vocalist Mohammad Reza Shajarian. With experience of more than 40 years, he possesses unblemished performance, commanding tone and splendid sense of music.

Opera is also credited to originate in Iran first. Iranian pop music had its moments of glory before revolution in late 70s. Most famous pop singer was Googoosh. Other prominent singers and bands include names like Anastasia Tsioulcas, Chemiranis, Hossein Alizadeh, Kayhan Kalhor, Sussan Deyhim,Ensemble Sarband,, Niyaz, Pecheurs de perles, Madjid Khaladj, Masters of Persian Music, Mohammad Reza Shajarian etc.

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Elocution may be defined as communication skill through speech and eloquent gestures. In the practical world communication skills are vital to live, mingle and achieve desired goals. Children must learn a language to communicate and express their feeling when meeting and mingling with others. Elocution is a quality which one should achieve consciously and sometimes unconsciously following certain methods. This article is to describe some elocution lessons and tips in order to reach such specific goals.

For elocution tips you must move in two directions of which one refers to speech and the other to gestures. You have a language which you use to speak and when you want to communicate with others. When you speak you use different parts of your buccal cavity which includes your tongue, teeth, vocal chords etc. People can understand what you say when you address them if your speech is clear and distinct and if your speech does not produce overlapped sounds. Hence it is expected that your pronunciation should be tolerably loud and of course clear.

Modulation of your voice is very significant. Your voice will show an expression when you are terrified facing a poisonous snake and again another expression when you score a goal in a football match. In such cases your modulation is automatic. Now suppose you are a guide in a tourist company or a reader at a news channel. In the first one you have to be courteous and soft spoken while for the other you have to be articulate and strong in your voice and diction. Next is the question of accent. It is demanded that you should know which of the syllables will get more emphasis so that you can communicate what you actually want to. Hence intonation at the right break in words shows how adept you are in a particular language.

Gestures refer to language of the body. Yes, different parts of your body and/or their simplest movement possess capacity to communicate something. When people watch you delivering some speech from the pulpit of a stage before them they follow movement of your body which produces messages. You must learn to use it properly. Parent should encourage children to take part in the school elocution contests as it helps one in developing skills necessary for one’s very existence. If children participate in elocution contests organized by the school they are associated with some kind of confidence building process which is extremely necessary right communication. Generally the topics of the contests are provided well in advance and children get sufficient time to get ready. For this they must collect sufficient data and fit them logically and rehearse the topics a number of times. During the rehearsals they should verify consciously if they are delivering the speech confidently and interestingly and if they are successfully using their hands, eyes and pouts with minimum locomotion needed to stir the audience.

Sometimes children are provided a few unseen topics and extempore elocution speeches. It is a challenge and children should happily accept choosing one of the topics which may seem comparatively easier and convenient to impress the listeners. The little time which children will get must be used to frame the continuous logic of the probable speech and to create the attractive introduction and winning conclusion. The content will work better if it contains wit & humor and facts with a responsible tone and a positive attitude prominently expressed always.

Poems for elocution possess worth for consideration. Many persons whom we respect for their contribution in the sphere of theatre, movie or such other performing arts have spent hours after hours in their formative period reciting from Shakespeare, Wordsworth, Shelley, Keats, Byron, Browning, Whitman and Eliot. Their preparation in pronunciation to modulation has been assisted by the great works of the poets. Children may start with the wonderful nursery rhymes and gradually practice poems of Lewis Carroll, R. L. Stevenson, Robert Southey, Wordsworth, Edward Lear and William Blake.

Yes, success in elocution demands serious practices and careful guidance of responsible and expert teachers.

Definition of Management

The term ‘management’ encompasses an array of different functions undertaken to accomplish a task successfully. In the simplest of terms, management is all about ‘getting things done’. However, it is the way and the process of how one achieves ones target or goals and it is in this respect that management is considered an art and a science as well.

The term management may be recently defined, but it existed at a time when men started learning the art of organizing, strategizing (during wars) and/or simply planning. At the core of it, management was quintessentially considered as an art of ‘managing men’ and hence the term “manage-men-T.”

At the roots, management evolved when the definition of knowledge became practically skewed rather than being plain ‘rational’. In some way, Rousseau (1972) pointed out “A real knowledge of things may be a good thing in itself, but the knowledge of men and their opinions is better, for in human society.”

And much later, management scholar, Peter Drucker (1993) defined management as “Supplying knowledge to find out how existing knowledge can best be applied to produce results is, in effect, what we mean by management. But knowledge is now also being applied systematically and purposefully to determine what new knowledge is needed, whether it is feasible, and what has to be done to make knowledge effective. It is being applied, in other words, to systematic innovation.” (Drucker, 1993)

From the above two definitions, it is clear that management is a creative as well as a systematic flow of knowledge that can be applied to produce results by using human as well as other resources in an effective way. Management has not been limited to managing human resource; management today has been segregated into various branches like financial management, strategic management, operations management, time management, crisis management, marketing management etc. Each of these is a separate branch that is being handled by managers who specialize in these fields.

Today the importance of management from an organization’s point of view has increased multifold. It is only through effective management that companies are developing and executing their business’s policies and strategies to maximize their profits and provide with the best of products and services.

Management today combines creative, business, organizational, analytical and other skills to produce effective goal-oriented results! Some of the key functions in management includes learning to delegate, planning and organizing, communicating clearly, controlling situations, motivating employees, adapting to change, constantly innovating and thinking of new ideas, building a good team and delivering results which are not just figure -bound but results that also focus on overall growth and development.
Management focuses on the entire organization from both a short and a long-term perspective. Management is the managerial process of forming a strategic vision, setting objectives, crafting a strategy and then implementing and executing the strategy.

Management goes beyond the organization’s internal operations to include the industry and the general environment. The key emphasis is on issues related to environmental scanning and industry analysis, appraisal of current and future competitors, assessment of core competencies, strategic control and the effective allocation of organizational resources.

In general terms, there are two approaches to management:

-The Industrial Organization Approach: This approach is based on economic theory which deals with issues like competitive rivalry, resource allocation, economies of scale. This approach to management assumes rationality, self interested behavior, profit maximization.

– The Sociological Approach: This approach deals primarily with human interactions. It assumes rationality, satisfying behavior, profit sub-optimality.

Management theories can also be divided into two sets. One is the set that concentrates mainly on efficiency and another is the set that concentrates mainly on effectiveness. Efficiency is about doing things the right way. It involves eliminating waste and optimizing processes. Effectiveness is about doing the right things.

A good management style is a blend of both efficiency and effectiveness. There is no point in acting efficiently if what you are doing will not have the desired effect.

Management techniques can be viewed as either bottom-up, top-down, or collaborative processes.

In India, largely the top down approach is popular. In the top-down approach, the management makes the decisions, which the employees have no choice but to accept. On the other hand, in the bottom-up approach, employees submit proposals to their managers who, in turn, funnel the best ideas further up the organization. However the bottom up approach is not a very popular approach in India as most of the Indian businesses are family run businesses.

Currently in India, the national economy and marketplace are undergoing rapid changes and transformation. A large number of reasons could be attributed to these changes. One of the reasons in these changes in the Indian Market Scenario is Globalization, and the subsequent and resulting explosive growth of global trade and the international competition.

The other reason for these changes in the Indian Market Scenario is the technological change. This is an important factor because the technological competitiveness is making, not only the Indian market, but also the global marketplace cutthroat.

In the Indian Marketing Scenario, the market success goes to those companies that are best matched to the current environmental imperatives. Those companies that can deliver what the people want and can delight the Indian customers are the market leaders.

Today the companies are operating in such a marketplace where survival of the fittest is the law. In order to win, the companies are coming out with various new and evolving strategies because the Indian market is also changing very fast. It is to capture the Indian market, that the Indian and the Multi National Companies are using all of their resources.

The Indian market is no longer a sellers market. The winner is the one who provides value for money. A large number of companies have huge idle capacities, as they have wrongly calculated the market size and installed huge capacities. This has further contributed to converting the Indian market into a buyers market.

The Indian Marketing Scenario is one of the biggest consumer markets and that is precisely the reason why India has attracted several MNC’s. These large Multi National Companies have realized that to succeed in the Indian market-place they need to hire Indian representative who are much more aware of the Indian economic, political, legal and social realities. In the Indian Marketing Scenario, it is the MADE FOR INDIA marketing strategies that work

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Traditional role of the girl in Indian society is subservient. Despite that girls have done the country proud. The country had an able Prime Minister in Indira Gandhi. The government has taken conscious steps to nurture and protect the girl child. But the success entirely depends on the citizens. Will they make the womb a tomb for their daughters? The hope for the country lies in giving equals opportunities to boys and girls.
Even after Independence, most families have craved for boys to continue the lineage, bring home the fodder and sustain livelihood for the family. Caste systems never allowed women to bend gender roles. The trouble lies with the interpretation of the ancient texts.

In 200 BC, Manu wrote, ‘In childhood a female must be subject to her father, in youth to her husband, when her lord is dead to her sons; a woman must never be independent’. Since then women have struggled to maintain their lives leave alone have an identity for themselves. In rural areas where poverty is abject, women can barely nourish themselves, even though they comprise of 84% of the working population.
Educating a girl child in India : With government initiatives and NGOs the word is spreading- the need to educate both girls and boys. In rural areas, nearly 65 % of women favour literacy to remove the gender bias. But avoid sending their girls to schools as they are vulnerable to male teachers! In urban areas, girls are deliberately not given proper education. They study just enough to get a decent dowry and become part of the workforce.

In many south Indian states, the girls are studying and getting an opportunity to live. In the north, boys are still coveted. Unless a male foetus is abnormal it is not aborted. A normal female foetus is suffocated and life snuffed out.

With the current economic status in the country undergoing changes, there needs to be a sustained awareness of bringing up the girl child with more care and love. In states of Rajasthan and Gujarat child marriages are common. Barely ten year old girls are wedded and they become pregnant by the age of 16 years. Having become a mother in the age of innocence, it self is against natural live process for a young girl.
Doctors and the Government need to give importance to the girl child. Time and again girls have proved to be supportive of old parents and have nurtured their children into better adults.  This has happened in places where girls and boys are raised together without any gender bias.

Various programs stressing the importance of a healthy child are of paramount importance. Only this way will the country not be bracketed with China, Bangladesh and Pakistan where the incidences of empowering the girl child are non existent. India needs to protect the girls like goddess because when they grow up they do bring Lakshmi (wealth), Saraswati (knowledge), Parvati (power). Being biologically stronger then men they are the future of the country.

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Somewhere hidden in the childhood of every person are fairy tales. Every girl dreams of being Cinderella or Snow White and every boy wants to be Alladin or the handsome prince riding on white unicorn. Fairytales take us to a different land where the water is blue as can be, where birds sing and animals talk. Thanks to fairytales for they give every child to imagine and enter a kingdom that is far from reality.

Fairytales take us to a land we can only imagine. With fresh colors and beautiful landscapes, this figment of our imagination gives us a different perspective to life.

The morale of every story tells us that we should rethink the way we deal with people and situations.
A fairytale cherished all over the world and close to our hearts is the one of Cinderella.

Fairy tales fascinate not only children but adults also. Fairy tales are basically fictional stories and have always been considered as traditional stories for children. Going back to the history sheets, fairy tale was not just about children’s story. It had brutal and dark references to wicked parents and harsh punishments. However, children’s fairy tales acquired a new meaning altogether with elements of magic and fantasy. Such stories often have fascinating creatures, mysterious places and other wonderful things. In real sense of the word, fairy tale and fantasy are two different words yet there is not much to distinguish between the two.

Children’s fairy tales are very popular all across the globe and at the same time have different versions in different places. Looking at them closely, these fantasy stories are quite different from stories of past. The best part about fairytale is essential ingredient of moral values. For example, many stories suggest kids not to wander too far or not to talk to strangers. Because of the happy ending of fairy tales, message of good triumphing over evil becomes even more prominent. Wicked creatures have to pay for their misdeeds and that is definitely a great teaching source for children. Kindness is always rewarded and bad spirits are always beaten.

There are number of famous fairy tale stories. Most people are at best, aware of only Disney’s versions of fairy tales but there are other versions too. These stories are centuries old and have been passed from one generation to another through word of mouth. During the process, a number of fairy tales have been altered and are completely different from the original stories but the essence remains the same.

Talking about famous fairy stories, Grimms fairy tales are very much popular in different parts of the world. Actually, Jakob and Wilhem Grimm were two German academics who are also credited with preserving numerous centuries old fairy tales. Their passion for fairy tales was reflected through publication of ages old fairy tales in their own versions. These stories were published in the 1880s and most of the fairy stories known by us are Grimm versions only.
There are several amazing Classic fairy tales. Popular among kids as well as adults, these tales have retained their essence, charm and appeal over the years.
Some of the famous ones are,
The Princess and the Pea
The Little Match-Seller
Hansel and Gretel
The Little Mermaid
The Emperor’s New Suit
Little Red Riding Hood
The Ugly Duckling
The Frog Prince
The Red Shoes
These are just few of classic fairy tales but the number is endless. diverse countries have different set of stories and unique interpretations as well.
But popularity of some of the fairy tales goes beyond boundaries and nationalities. Some of the fairy tales that can be included in all time popular fairy tales list are,
Jack and the Bean-stalk
Beauty and the Beast
Sleeping beauty
Ali Baba and the 40 Thieves
The emperor’s new clothes
Snow White
The Three Billy Goats Gruff
Mother Goose
Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland
Brother and Sister
Almondseed and Almondella
The Clever Little Tailor
Alphege, or the Green Monkey
The Crystal Ball
Ancilotto, King of Provino
The Devil With The Three golden Hairs
The Dragon and His Grandmother
The Angel
If truth be told, all the popular fairy tales cannot be listed here. That shows how these stories have maintained their presence through the course of human history and how integral are they to our own culture and upbringing. Fairy tales are wonderful means of imparting education and messages of ethical and moral values among the children.



Hansel and Gretel

Aladdin and the magic lamp

Childhood is perhaps the most blessed stage in a human life. It is that phase of life where, children are not really aware of any form of worldly responsibilities, they are free from all the tensions and they can learn a whole lot of new things. No wonder, people keep having this wistful desire of going back to their childhood and relive all those beautiful memories. But there is other side to this phase and in that, many children are forced to work in inhumane conditions. This phase is also known by “child labor” where a child is full of tensions and burdens and he has to perform the tough job of being primary earning member of the family. Such children lose their innocence to satisfy the needs and wants of their family. The problem of child labor is huge and is faced by many countries in the world.

Child labor is not a recent phenomenon. Throughout human history, children have been made to work under hazardous and unhealthy conditions. In other words, child exploitation has remained an integral part of our culture and despite the advances made by us in last few centuries; we haven’t been able to eradicate this menace. Children are made to work in factories, mining, agriculture, on streets and as domestic helps. Child labor is an attack on basic rights of the children. Leave alone lack of educational opportunities to them, most of these children are malnourished and treated like animals. Child labor practices causes damage to a child’s physical and mental health apart from depriving him of his basic rights to education, development, and freedom. Unfortunately, the number of underage children working in unfavorable working conditions has kept on increasing.

India has one of the largest populations of child laborers. These children work in unsafe environments where there is a constant danger of fatal accidents. Children employed as laborers spend most of their waking hours working. They are condemned to a life of poverty, illiteracy, and prolonged misery with no end in sight. They are required to perform grueling and physically demanding tasks and in return receive only meager wages. Poor working conditions cause severe health problems to such children. A child labor not just suffers physical and mental torture but also becomes mentally and emotionally mature too fast which is never a good sign.

As children are sensitive to influences of toxics, chemicals, noise, pollution, heat and accidents, as a result of which many children develop lifelong health complications in worst cases, even lose their lives. A large number of child laborers are employed in mining, manufacturing, transportation and construction sectors where chances of fatal injuries are quite high. Because of the environmental influence, underage children suffer from permanent psychological scars. They do not possess confidence or self esteem. It is hard to imagine, how we as a country are going to prosper when a significant population of the nation suffers from such huge problems. It is not just duty of the government to take appropriate measures to rectify the situation but it is also the responsibility of the Indian citizens to contribute their bit in getting rid of barbaric practice of child labor.

One of the most beautiful aspects of being a woman is the fact that only she can give birth to another life. Within her a new life takes shape, is molded and then is born to be nurtured into a good human being. There are women who recall the ordeal of pregnancy, but yet none would deny it is a blessing to be able to give birth. Like some mothers would say, it is a sweet ordeal to feel the little one grow and develop through the nine months. It is a sweet kind of pain when the fetus within kicks the mother to move about. There is something pleasant about the morning sickness, knowing that there is a little being forming in there. All this is part of the process known as prenatal parenting.

In today’s day and age most couples prefer the process known as a planned pregnancy, because of various factors; prime amongst them being the financial well being to support the birth and nurturing of a child. In such cases, the first prenatal visit actually happens prior to actual pregnancy, to see whether one is ready to go off the contraception pills and conceive a baby. However, in maximum conceptions, one is unaware of the pregnancy until actual realization dawns after one skips the first menstrual cycle. Normally doctors except ladies to pay their first visit anywhere between the sixth and twelfth week after conception.
Apart from all the physical care required to ensure the healthy development of the fetus, the mother actual starts proper parenting during pregnancy. Like they say, the permanent impressions of a human being are imprinted on the mind while in the womb of the mother. So, just as the food she eats determines the bodily development of the child; the kind of feelings and thoughts and words she fills herself with and exchanges with others affect the child’s mental and emotional development.

Indian parenting is based on value-based parenting. Women living in joint families are provided with the traditional guidance of nurturing the fetus. Traditionally, the pregnant women would be encouraged to attend regular prayer meets, listen to soft and calming music, read tales from Indian mythology, as well as the scriptures. They felt that everything that would engage the mother’s mind in calming thoughts would be good food for the fetus’s developing mind. This is not only a practice amongst Hindus, but every religion provides such guidance to those who are pregnant.

Effective parenting skills are a combination of love and logic. Sometimes mothers tend to overlook the need to be practical and logical, letting their young ones get away with bad behavior. And on the other hand some mothers tend to be so practical in their ways that children grow up feeling unloved. Parenting with love and logic is not about upbringing beyond the birth, but even while the baby is developing in the womb. While ancient scriptures contain numerous tales to prove that impressions are created in the human mind while still in the womb; today, numerous researches in modern sciences are proving the same through the various experiments.

Good parenting is virtue that is inbuilt in every mother. However, sometimes due to excessive stress and tension, mothers tend to lose control over their emotions and deal with the children wrongly. And unfortunately children tend to carry forward the negative impressions into their adult life, rather than all the positives the parents have done. Thus, it is important that a mother is always in control of her emotions and mental state of mind. And this awareness will always help her inculcate good values in the child.

As part of the prenatal development, it has been an age-old practice to listen to good soothing music as well as make the pregnant one read value-based books. There is a lot of literature that promotes the proper garbh sanskar, which means values for the fetus. One needs to remember that the first set of impressions is what the fetus gathers, and the experience of the womb is the seed of the rest of the human life.

There is a specially rendered garbh sanskar mp3 that contains soothing music for mothers-to-be, as well as the key mantras that promote peace of mind and the healthy growth and development of the fetus. Listening to this brings peace and harmony within one who is pregnant.