The question of top career choices demands significant research and debate. The conclusion on top career choices in world can only be derived after closely following market trends, job growth, industry pattern and health of global economy. The way world is changing on a daily basis, what is popular career choice today might become obsolete tomorrow, but there are certain careers that will always remain popular and lucrative. There are plenty of opportunities in these sectors and going by the trend, this is likely to remain that way. Finding a perfect career is the key to a happy and blissful life. A successful career is built upon making the right choice. Choosing a career for you should never be an impulsive decision. It should be decided after careful considerations. One needs to look at his strength and weaknesses apart from interest before arriving at the best possible choice. Monetary factor does play a major part in this decision but this should not be the only criteria. Make sure, you are choosing the career that you would love to do for the rest of your life.

Financial services have emerged as the backbone of the economy. Career in banking or finance is considered as safe, secure and lucrative. One gets numerous opportunities to excel and demand for qualified and well trained professionals is always there. Growing awareness among people about importance of financial planning has opened new doors for finance professionals. Career as a financial planner or banker can be uplifting. And yes, it always pays well.

One of the offbeat but potentially lucrative career choices is of wind turbine engineers. The reason is based upon the fact that we are soon going to run out of natural gas supplies and oils. World is looking for renewable source of energy like wind energy, solar energy, turbines etc. In coming years, the demand for professionals with command over new sources of energy will be very high. Those who enter now will have a head start over others.

There is a massive surge in medical science and health care. This is not only a top paying career choice but also a highly satisfying one. The job opportunities are huge and one must take the plunge. Similarly, career in teaching can never go out of fashion and out of demand. Teaching is a noble profession and there will always be a demand for high quality teachers across the world. This holds particularly true for women for whom, teaching has always remained a popular career choice.

Let’s also have a look at some of the top career choices 2010. This data is based upon statistics gathered in USA, UK and Canada.

Network Systems Analysts
Physician’s Assistant
Medical Assistants
Software Engineers
Database Administrators
Veterinary Technicians
Dental Hygienists
Data Communications Analysts
Marketing Officer
Medical Administrator
Community Nurse
Advertising Agency Account Executive
Information Officer
Program Analyst

Above mentioned career choices are most popular in western countries. However, the choice of a career should always be based on proper analysis and observation. One should keep looking at changing global and local trends before choosing the perfect career.

The Ethiopian Movies have been an offshoot and a result of many tensions and contradictions. In contrast to the abundance of untold stories in Ethiopia, the number of Ethiopian Movies being made on the subjects is very sparse.

The Ethiopian Movies have been around for more than a century now, but fewer then 10 Ethiopian Movies have been produced in this duration. Fortunately though, all these 10 films have been supported by good circumstances. Of course it cannot be denied that the willpower of the producers and other people involved with these movies played a huge role in these movies seeing the light of the day.

What is interesting in this whole set of facts is that none of these few Ethiopian filmmakers has ever made the second Ethiopian movie. And there seems to be no other valid justification for this non-existence of filmmaking in Ethiopia.

It is the theatre art form in Ethiopia that has enjoyed massive support for more than forty years. This support has been the major factor that has helped develop the Ethiopian Theatre into a mature art form. The Ethiopian Movie Industry on the other hand has not enjoyed a similar privilege or support.

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Fashion is the emblem of our status symbol and lifestyle. It determines what is in vogue and what’s is out. With the onset of globalization and exposure to media the fashion scenario in India has traveled the globe and today shares the same ramp as top designers of Milan and New York. Thus fashion designing is the hottest avenue suddenly. Let’s take a look in the world of fashion designing.

What exactly is fashion designing? Fashion designing is an art of creating apparels and related accessories to set a lifestyle statement.

Modern fashion design comprises of 2 basic categories viz. Haute-Couture, and Pret-a-porter or Ready-to-Wear. The former is a custom-made form of fashion designing catering to exclusive customers and haute couture is showcased through fashion shows for all Creativity knows no bounds in fashion designing. If one has the correct knowledge of textile, patterns, color coding, texture etc. there is no limit to the permutations one can think of in terms of designs.

For a country like India where Western influence has been absorbed, ethnicity has been fused with Western and a completely new dimension of fashion designing has emerged. In fashion designing, the colour combos, weaving and fabric are the most crucial elements. The entire look and feel depends upon these three aspects. Then it is upto the professional skills that render the cut, design, accessories, trimming etc. to give the full and final demeanour of the outfit.

It is also important that one plans the entire attire, draws the blueprint and visualizes the final outcome of the design. The success of the design will of course depend on the finish, thus its crucial to have a superb and glamorous.

One of the rummiest aspects of fashion designing is the thematic dependence of the attire such as season, fabric preference of the people etc. If one notices, the designing depends upon the specific season. E.g. A Winter collection will consist of the suitable colours, fabric and patterns. One can see ample woolens, polo necks, blues and browns etc. for this type of collection. Similarly, summer collections will be more casual, cotton, whites etc. Fashion is perishable. It is an abstract phenomenon that is here no and gone tomorrow. The trends cycle have shortened drastically from a few months to a few weeks. Spaghettis are passé and halter necks are in, pantsuits are extinct and skirts are hot. Thus with the speed of change, one needs to be alert and observant in fashion designing. In fact it is the designers that determine the trends of the season and what one should or shouldn’t wear. Celebrities, socialites, models etc form the mass couture –carriers who showcase the latest fashion.

Thus fashion designing is a very challenging profession but definitely in the cult of glitz and glamour. With a plethora of local level, regional level and national & international level fashion events like IMG fashion Week, Lakme Fashion Week etc, fashion designing is considered to be one of the trendiest professions today. Indian designers have made a mark in International markets.  With the onset of recognition by International brands, the government has fortunately started taking fashion designing as serious business and have tried to set a method to the madness. Several fashion designing institutes like National Institute of Design (NID) in Ahmedabad, National Institute of fashion Technology, Sophia Polytechnic etc. are some of the best Fashion Institutes in the country that have a given a breed of new age fashion designers to India.

All in all, fashion designing is the hippest profession today. But no gains without pains, especially with intense competition around. Fashion designing is a lucrative career but one needs to work very hard to keep up with the demand and competitive people. Late nights, continuous hours of work, rejection, disappointment, it’s all a part and parcel of the fashion world. Be prepared and take the plunge!

October 1 -International Day for the Elderly

October 1 marks the United Nations’ (UN) International Day of Older Persons. Also known as International Day of the Elderly, the event recognizes the contributions of older persons. It is a special day for senior citizens or older persons worldwide. Talking about the history of International Day of Older Persons, in 1982, World Assembly on Ageing had passed Vienna International Plan of Action of Ageing. The plan was endorsed later that year. This initiative was marked as a historical day for elder people. To strengthen the cause, the United Nations General Assembly made October 1 as the International Day of Older Persons in 1990. The day was first observed throughout the world on October 1, 1991.

Additionally, the UN General Assembly adopted the United Nations Principles for Older Persons in 1991. Second World Assembly on Ageing took place in the year 2002. The occasion marked adoption of “Madrid International Plan of Action on Ageing to respond to the opportunities and challenges of population ageing in the 21st century and to promote the development of a society for all ages”. According to WHO, the number of older persons is expected to quadruple in the next 50 years. Other data are more staggering in terms of percentage of elderly people in world population in next 50-100 years.

International day for the Elderly is marked with special events, celebration and plenty of activities. Speeches focusing on elder citizens are made. Opinions are generated to improve the situations of older population. Extensive media coverage is provided to the cause of elder generation and what can be done to improve the situation. Campaigns are launched to raise awareness about duties of youths and children for their elders. Voluntary activities focusing on health, education and community service etc are also organized. The World Health Organization (WHO) plays an active role in highlighting health related issues of older people.

Short hairstyles suit some people more and everyone seems to have given it a try. Besides being more manageable, they never seem to go out of style. Almost everyone knows someone sporting a short haircut. Short hair requires some length versatility with some areas shorter than others.

The world is changing, in fact it is revolutionizing. Retro styles are back, women go to work and short haircuts are not meant for boys only, anymore. It was mandatory in the civilized times of America and England for men to sport a short haircut and women to keep it long and flowing. A rule that spread to the rest of the world.

Well it’s the new millennium and one can get away with practically anything. Short haircuts have become the woman’s prerogative. Small face-cuts with a narrow nose and pout make a short hairstyle look gorgeous. Even Hollywood stars like Sharon Stone and Halle Berry always sport a short hairdo making them style icons for their hundreds of fan following.They look gorgeous on and off screen always styling their hair in a great fashion.

So what’s in for you with a short haircut? Well to begin with, do not just get any style because it looks good on the girl next door or its everywhere in the newspaper. Your face structure is definitely not the same as hers and so you have to think how it would look on you. Have a chat with your stylist before you snip it off. She could give you a mock look with pins tapering the ends. Get to the market and pick up some fashion and hair magazines that are a month or two old and browse through their hairstyle sections. Keep clippings of what interests you. But at the same time do note the texture of your hair and that of the model sporting it.

Today technology has seeped into every segment giving you an edge to see yourself in a particular hairstyle on the screen. There are many websites too that allow you to upload your photographs and check out which hairstyle, color or make-up suits you most.

The blunt and the mushroom are evergreen, but if you have been doing the same for years then you do need a change. And the variety of short haircuts in the market will blow you off your feet. Your hair-texture and form like curls, straight or fizzy impact the style greatly. So do not be adamant on a particular style if your hairstylist advises you otherwise.

Some hair styles to note are the layered short hairstyle, angel cut boys, gaux haux- the alternative Mohawk look, spiked hair, choppy punk look, razor cut edges, front gelled fringe, thick banks and a lot more. Get chopping and love the new short hairdo but only after you have reckoned it.

If you need to keep your hair on the conservative style for your career position or lifestyle choice, just apply mousse to damp hair and blow dry for work or play. On the other hand if you wish to be stylish, spike the tips of your hair in different directions with a professional styling gel or pomade.

One of the short hairstyles that are on the most wanted list is the Halle Berry Short Haircut, which is great for medium to thick hair texture. Just apply gel and scrunch dry your hair. You also add some molding cream through the ends to give shape to your style.

Textured ends are also great for short haircuts, which is slightly layered on the ends and creates a wispy effect. Also, a slightly graduated textured hairstyle is a creative way to add depth around the nape. You can add greater emphasis to it by layering the front and the sides.

There are dozens & dozens of short hairstyles viz straight, wavy, and curly and celebrity. There are also short hairstyles in mens hairstyles. short haircuts ~  F. Peris. copyright data

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Fashion is not just the clothes but the accessories too. Clothes, shoes, bags, jewelry and beauty products all constitute today’s fashion trends. As far as clothes are concerned, fashion is based on fabric, color and cuts. Fashion trends change according to the season. For instance, during summers the common colors worn are the pastel shades and lighter fabric. Come winter and the preferred color ranges are the darker and brighter ones and the fabric is heavier. These variations also apply to beauty fashion trends. Lipsticks and nail polishes for the summer are usually lighter in range and in winter it is darker with glitter and shine to go with festivities.

While these alternatives are more or less standard, each season does bring into fashion a particular color and style. Off late we have seen the trend of the sixties and seventies in, with the hippy and gypsy style being a preference.

Fashion is not just limited to female fraternity, even men have been taken over by the fashion world.

They have become more conscious of what is in and what is not. They pay more attention to their appearance than hey did earlier.

Children are also aware and prefer to wear what is in fashion.

While seasons are a major contributory factor, the glamour world of modeling and acting are the actual fashion leaders. Fashion houses endorse the latest trends through the media. So to know what’s happening and what’s not, you need to keep a keen watch on what models and actors are wearing, what kind of make up do they have on and even their hair-do depends on the present fashion trend.  So who said that keeping in times is difficult? Expensive maybe, but yet not beyond one’s reach!

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Personality assumes various names and concepts in present day world. Since humans started believing that they are superior than other creations, because they possess this rare tool called mind, they have used every possible means to explain how mind can affect the development of human characteristics and perspectives, and all of they constitute personality.

Eighteenth century was a booming era for a school of theorists who practiced psychoanalysis; Freud, Erikson, Adler and Jung were few of them. They believed in the innate basis of personality development psychology. Freud described the various stages of personality through which a child progresses and reached adulthood. He famously talked about Id, ego and superego, and how inner sex drives and how inner conflicts between the drives and what a child gets from his/her surroundings determines his fixation and deviant personality development later on in life. He claimed that humans have minimal control over such development as the stages are determined on an unconscious level.

While psychoanalysis was still in boom, behaviourists slowly started taking over the psychological arena. They theorized a stimulus and response phenomenon, where human beings behave in response to the situations and triggers in the environments, and that’s the cause of variant personalities. These behaviourists took a step ahead and started studying animal models and relating them back to human behaviour. They believed that personality forms as a result of situations invoking a response in us. Which is positively or negatively reinforced by the environment, and after sufficient reinforcements, we develop a certain pattern of behaviour called “habits”. Dollard and Miller are some of the pioneer behaviourists.

The humanistic approach is another way to address personality development theories. Humanists believe in complete independence of mind, and contrast the other approaches who believe in human tendency to have innate or learned personality development. Maslow and Carl Rogers have been the fundamental humanists. Maslow brought out the stages to achieve of self actualization and utmost fulfilment. He like other humanists believed in the free will of human mind, which can make good and bad choices for itself and thus bring out individual personality traits. The whole emphasis has been placed on consciousness and how it brings about personality depending on subjective view of the self. Since every self is different, it would view the world in a different manner and thus present a variant personality. No importance has been associated to unconsciousness, as basis of human mind has been claimed to be the awareness and independence of self.

There are several conflicts and disagreements within each panel of theorists, but combines them all are their fundamental beliefs on what determines personality i.e. psychoanalysts believe in sex and aggressive drives to be the motive, behaviourists signify environment and its interaction with human drives, and humanists believe in the inner choice to reach fulfilment and self actualization.

Punjabi community always had a great presence in Hindi film industry. You talk about any era or generation, Punjabis have kept us entertained. Whether its actors, directors or singers, Punjabi people have ruled the roost in Bollywood. Right from Kapoors, Chopras, Sagars, Khannas to singers like Sehgal, Rafi and Daler Mehndi, Punjabi talents have always mesmerised cine-goers. Presence of such stalwarts in every sphere of Hindi cinema also tells us that Bollywood will become completely colourless in absence of Punjabis. We have also enjoyed Punjabi songs and dance sequences in Hindi film industry.

Though, presence of Punjabi community has made Hindi film industry a much richer place, same can’t be said about Punjabi film industry. Here, the movies have suffered a lot because of several reasons. Lack of finances, undeveloped market and language constraint did not give regional cinema a pretty picture. During the 70s and 80s, hardly 6-10 movies were released in the region. However, movies made in Hindustani language got more success. The condition of Punjabi cinema remained in doldrums till 90s but arrival of new millennium has witnessed better market and even better days for Punjabi cinemas. Now more and more new movies are being made in Punjabi and people are also accepting them whole-heartedly. Wider spread of Punjabi community in several regions has also helped in popularising Punjabi movies.

Some of the top Punjabi actors include Satish Kaul, Harbhajan Mann, Raj Babbar, Om Puri, Shashi Puri, Meher Mittal, Shivendra Mahal, Veerendra, Yograj Singh, Gurdas Mann, Diljeet Kaur, Divya Dutta, Kimi Verma and Jimmy Shergill. Many of these artists have also worked in Hindi film industry. Few Punjabi movies have also won National awards the likes of which include Satluj De Kande (1964), Chann Pardesi, Kachehari (1994), Main Maa Punjab (1998), Shaheed-E-Mohabbat (1999) and Des Hoya Pardes (2005).

In the recent years, some Punjabi movies have proved to be huge Box-office successes. Movies like Rustam-e-Hind, Mitti Wajan Mardi, Yaariyan, Mera Pind, Lakh pardesi hoye, Heaven on earth, Sat sri akal, Jag jeodeye deh mele, Tera mera ki Ristha, Munde U.K. They have made roaring business. Punjabi cinema has witnessed renewed interest in recent years and that is amply reflected by number of movies being released every year and revenues being earned.

Forensic Science is a scientific discipline. It deals with the application of different scientific principles to examine and solve legal matters and provides physical scientific evidence for use in criminal and civil investigations. Forensic science primarily analyses the physical evidence found at the scenes of a crime. Forensic science technicians are trained professionals that gather and examine physical evidence and investigate a variety of criminal activity. With the help of these evidences, the technicians help in the prosecution or defense of both criminal and civil investigations. Evidence could be in form of glass fragments, blood, building materials, hairs, footwear, fibers from clothing, bodily fluids and tire marks etc. The maximum time of a technician is spent in the laboratory analyzing specimens, extracting data and conducting experiments etc. They also testify in court as expert witnesses and explain their laboratory findings.

To become a forensic science technician, one must have at least an associate degree in applied science. However, chances of job opportunities increase several times if one has acquired a bachelor degree in forensic science, criminal justice, or other related field. Many colleges and universities in USA offer the subject of forensic science. The course curriculum covers subjects like human anatomy, laboratory procedures, DNA typing, data collection and recording methods, evidence collection and analysis, criminal law, forensic archaeology, statistics among others. Internship proves vital in obtaining precious practical experience. American Academy of Forensic Science (AAFS) emphasizes the need of choosing a major subject in this field that provides extensive coursework in math and a minimum of 24 academic units of biology or chemistry.

Several forensic science technicians have a master’s degree in certain specialty like molecular biology or genetics or toxicology, latent fingertips, firearms etc. These trained professionals can find entry-level jobs in police departments, government agencies, coroner offices, academic institutions and forensic laboratories. One usually receives on the job training from six months to two years. The training involves learning lab procedures, lab equipment, computer programs, storing evidence, writing reports and providing courtroom testimony. A forensic science technician can also get certified from the American Board of Criminalistics (ABC).

According to USA Labor Bureau, the employment for forensic science technicians is expected to grow at a phenomenal rate of 31% in coming decade. That is definitely a huge boost for those who wish to pursue career in this field.

In India, several institutions offer courses in forensic science:-

Lok Nayak Jayaprakash Narayan National Institute of Criminology and Forensic Science, Delhi

Anna University, Chennai

Dr.Harisingh Gour Vishwa Vidyalaya, Sagar, Madhya Pradesh

Central Forensic Science Laboratory, Hyderabad

Forensic Sciences Department, “Forensic House”, Chennai

University of Delhi, Delhi

Institute of Criminology & Forensic Science, New Delhi

Central Forensic Science Laboratory, Chandigarh

One can pursue courses at B.Sc., M.Sc, Ph.D etc levels. Courses are available in forensic science, criminology, cyber forensics and information security, and forensic speech sciences. One can further specialize in subjects like forensic serology, forensic anthropology, forensic archaeology and other related science. One can find lucrative job opportunities in police force, law enforcing agencies, legal systems and both government and private investigative agencies.

The tummy is now showing and your well into a few weeks of pregnancy. The do’s and don’ts increase and you want to just leave it all behind with a dip in the pool. But, before you get in there please get a clear ok from your gynaecologist. There are some pregnancies where swimming is disagreed. Well if you get the nod, then first get yourself the right maternity swimwear. So that there is enough space for your bulging belly.

No need to get upset if you are not able to find the right fit, in fact there is a new range exclusively for pregnant women. Get to know first, where these are available. The material has to be a mix of Lycra and spandex. Spandex allows the material to enlarge according to your increasing size, while still giving you comfort.

A fitted bra that has to be fastened or fitted cups would be preferable to just a plain swimsuit. Your choice begins from a one piece swimsuit or to a two piece suit. If you feel a little shy about your bulge in a two-piece suit try out a tankini, a close relative of the bikini, only here the top is long that ends just about the hip.

You can choose a strapless or even a halter tankini. There are styles that will make you feel good about being pregnant. Small prints, floral prints, contrasting colours, polka dots, dual combinations and more are up for grabs. However these varieties ask you to be selective. Choose a print that flatters your curves and ups your style quotient. Don’t think otherwise, that once you are in water, nobody will be watching you. So buy a swimwear that will last you longer and will look good on you now and even after you have put on a few pounds. You are pregnant, but that does not stop you from having the sudden longing and desire to be at the poolside and enjoying the warm sun, lazing, lounging, and tanning.

And of course most pregnant women experience this desire but are embarrassed to sport a bathing suit by the poolside. And those few who are willing to go ahead and sport them don’t know what would be the right kind of maternity swimwear to purchase. Here are a few tips to help you in finding the right kind of maternity swimwear. Before considering a swim, it is advisable to take the consent from your gynaecologist. In some cases of pregnancy, swimming may not be permitted.

A two piece maternity swimsuit that features extra support would be an ideal pick to keep you comfortable during your pregnancy. A single piece skirted swimsuit might be a comfortable maternity swimwear and might help you in feeling less conscious of your lovable little bulge in the belly.

A fabulously flattering wrap front tankini that comes in a slightly longer, belly-covering length would probably be the safest and yet a sexy maternity swimwear to sport. It ideally camouflages your little bulge and flatters your form during your pregnancy.  These are available sports shops, maternity stores & malls in major cities.