Baby Shower Favors

Baby shower Favor Ideas

One of the biggest baby showers ever witnessed was on television, which was hosted by an extremely popular global talk show hostess based in the USA.

She had brought together a very large number of pregnant women who were passed their seventh month of pregnancy and organized a lot of goodies for them. It was said to be probably the biggest baby shower ever hosted in history.

Well, that is not the issue at hand over here, but what kind of baby shower favors one can provide when attending such a function. And this event provided all possible ideas – innovative and traditional, with a large number of companies sponsoring gifts for all the ladies in attendance.

Firstly what is a baby shower? It is an event hosted close to the to-be-mother’s due date. On this occasion all invitees bring along gifts for the baby and the mother. It is a kind of function to welcome the child’s impending birth. This is not just celebrated in the western countries. In fact, in India it is celebrated in the last term of pregnancy and is known as the ‘godh bharai’ (filling the mother’s lap with abundance) ceremony.

This is either celebrated at the woman’s maternal home, or her in-laws organize it. During this function the pregnant woman is made to dress more like a bride. Family, friends and relatives are invited to this function. In almost every culture only only the womenfolk attend it. The men are kept out of this function.

The lady expecting the baby is seated in the center and all those attending the function go to her one by one putting into her lap whatever gift they have for her or the baby and they whisper something auspicious in her ear – a blessing for her childbirth and her child. Then there is singing and dancing.

Most people attending such functions are pretty confused as to what they should gift the mother-to-be. Well, actually speaking there is an abundance of baby shower favors from which one can opt.

The most important factor to remember is that whatever is purchased should be of proper use and not a waste. And in case one is really not sure what to give then they just simply hand over an envelope with some money so that the mother-to-be can purchase what she feels she would need.

However, if you are about to attend a baby shower then here are some favors from which you can select. It all depends on your budget, because all gift objects listed here would definitely not be a waste for the mother and baby:

Baby Shower Favor ideas :

· A carton of nappies – maybe a stock that can last upto three, six or twelve months

· A couple of baby clothes

· A feeding kit

· A baby bag

· Baby room upholstery

· Baby beddings

· Baby toys

· Baby dining set

· Baby carrier

· A set of bibs and napkins for the baby

· Baby walker

· Pram

· Baby protecting charms such as bangles, necklace, etc. (This subject to beliefs and cultural and traditional background)

Favor Ideas for Twin Baby Showers

2 of anything

Double Stuffed Oreos (for team prizes?)

Double Mint Gum

2 Tickets to movies

Matching Shower gel & lotion

Twix candy bars

2 year planners

pen and pencil set

Dinner certificates for 2

2 Beanie babies toys or dolls

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