Bollywood Music and Bollywood Movies

Bollywood music :  The background score or music plays a huge role in bollywood movies. The music is the soul of the movie. The music is what gets people to the theatres. It  really does wonders for the movie. The starcast and movie also count but the music of a movie is what actually makes a difference. Bollywood has produced legends like R.D.Burman and Lata Mangeshkar.

The melodies of R.D.Burman are still famous and are still heard and hummed by everyone. First the music is composed before the making of the actual movie. There are songs also of different kinds, love songs, qawalis, gazals, sad songs. All kinds of songs, which are hummed by almost everyone. The actors, dancers and location make the songs come alive. So everything goes together, the music and the story which ultimately makes “the film.”

A Bollywood movie is almost incomplete without a song. Before in olden days there used to be atleast fourteen-fifteen songs, but nowadays  there are usually six-seven songs. The music of a movie makes people hum along and dance to its tunes. The new trend set in Bollywood movies are the ‘dance numbers’ which are an added attraction for the audiences. The background score of movies improves on the quality and speakers louder for the movie. The movie usually carries the story ahead and merges with the story. In other words music and movies are two sides of the same coin. They go together hand in hand and are incomplete without each other.

Bollywood Movies & Indian lifestyle. Everyone has a similar, boring routine to follow. Going to the cinema hall to catch a good movie adds a little spice to our otherwise monotonous lives. Bollywood movies or hindi movies have become an essential part of Indian families. Watching one of these movies is like watching a fantasy. Bollywood films been evolving from time to time. There has been a trend of love triangles lately. Bollywood movies range from emotional sagas to patriotic legends, romantic comedies to heart stopping thrillers, movies for children to bold documentaries. There is something for all kinds of audiences. There is entertainment packed for everyone. Hindi being the national language also has a national audience. Majority of India is rural so majority of the audience is also rural. Usually directors go for something, which will be accepted by audiences of all kinds but recently many directors have been experimenting and making movies on bold subjects. Sometimes movies are made to bring about awareness among the people.

These movies very beautifully express the cultures and ideas of Indians. These movies show how much importance Indians give to love, emotions and feelings. There are so many people who get together , for months, and work from morning to evening everyday and then when the product ( movie ) is ready, it is all worth it!

It is not only the actor or actress or bad guy (who always gets beaten up) who make up the movie, there are technicians, dancers, editors, make-up artists, spotboys, many people who work very hard to give us few hours of entertainment.