Cartoon Characters

Interesting, jocular and exciting are some ways we can describe comic characters. Cartoon with a mindset are supposed to excite the readers imagination and at all times are not funny. There are several Indian cartoons like Tenali Raman which is caricatured as an intelligent portrayal of most things. Then there are adaptations from mythology like Hanuman or Ganesha where there are more adults enjoying the movies than children.

The famous Tom and Jerry cartoon and the many escapades they have, present the hyper adventure drama that is very typical of their expression. Simple twists and themes say a lot about the story and dialogues are seldom necessary. Even emotions like happiness, sadness, excitements, guilt or negative tones are expressed with facial expressions.

The cartoonist is a keen observer who captures the tendencies or body languages and mannerisms which is treated as a skill of each character. Waiting for more inspiration each appreciation makes a cartoonist work more specifically in this art. Several cartoons like Mickey-Minne or fairy tale versions of Cindrella, Snow white or Mermaids are loved by kids.

The sketches of Malgudi days are a treasure for all generations. These by itself express the simplicity that R K Laxman wanted to project via his work. There are mythological comic strips which also help to express our rich heritage that makes India diverse and splendid.

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