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Fashion is based on fabric, color and cuts. Fashion trends change according to the season. For instance, during summers the common colors worn are the pastel shades and lighter fabric. Come winter and the preferred color ranges are the darker and brighter ones and the fabric is heavier. These variations also apply to beauty fashion trends. The fashion industry is one economy where the slack season does not seem to have an open gate. All because of the ever conscious fashionable men and women, who are evolving in matters that were overlooked before. Fashion design is a very broad term used by the fashion industry to design garments and the surrounding paraphernalia. Because today along with a particular outfit, the client expects complementing accessories, shoes, belts, purses, bags, watches and the list can go on.

Yet the design has a life of two months or one season. Being aware of such a situation, designers have always to be on their toes ready to design for the next season. A season being summer or winter, autumn and spring. For each of these seasons as the weather and climatic conditions change, the outfits and colours of the season matter. Obviously because one cannot wear the same fur coat in summer when it is hot and you want be comfortable yet stylish.

There are ramp shows that display the main ethics of the season in metropolitan cities in India and around the world. Paris being known as the hub of fashion, the style set in Paris is said to rule fashion in the world.

A bold statement yet very true as it is in Paris that fashion was discovered and is kept discovering till date. Charles Frederick Worth is believed to be the first dressmaker to put on a label on the outfits that he had stitched. That was between 1826 – 1895 since then the label has caught on the fancy of every dressmaker as it speaks of the maker and publicizes the maker or the brand.
A brand today is what matters to fashion aficionados. While some have an inclination to a particular designer others prefer a brand. Well this all depends on the cut, size and price point.

For instance Haute Couture is the term given only for garments that are made of high quality materials, hand stitched, embroidered and exclusivity is all it emblazons. The next section is the Ready-to-Wear, which is applied for a smaller segment yet not a distinct individual. The Mass Market fashion design is where the designs seep into the market making it available for anyone and everyone.
These days mass market is targeted as revenues are high in this segment. But one cannot certainly underestimate the potential of haute couture or ready two wear as the individual palate is getting sophisticated by the day.

Some Fashion software companies may allow free download of their software or beta versions while some may charge for them. .

Directory : Download Fashion software links – Fashion CAD software download for pattern making with pattern design, drafting, grading, marker layout and a fully featured CAD drafting system

metrofashion-formal/Fashion Design Software Modules. You can use textile design software modules to create designs faster and more accurately. The Clicdesign series provides functions for drapery, repeats, weaves, and coloring, all packaged in Adobe Photoshop plugins.

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