Hindi Music Downloads

Hindi songs are the soul of a Hindi movie. They play an eighty percent role in dragging people to the theatre. Hindi movies and songs are not only a favorite in India but are hummed by people all around the world.

The songs and tunes are catchy and loved by one and all. Hindi music is now evolving, and is attracting people from different cultures.

The music has become so popular that the director of Moulin rouge flew down to Bombay to take the copyrights of the famous song ‘chamma chamma’. The famous song ‘babuji’ started the trend of item numbers with Yana Gupta shaking a little booty to the catchy tunes.

Since then almost every movie has an item number to watch out for. The bhangra tunes of Panjabi M,C, from the U.S. has rocked the party scene and has helped re-event and make world hindi music known worldwide. M.C. is not only big in India but through out the world. Songs like ‘addictive’, ‘backstabbers’ shows the impact of hindi songs on people around the world. Hindi song remixes are the greatest thing as of now. Old songs are refined with new music and beats.

Youngsters prefer to download these music remixes. New generation Djs currently are doing very well and have come up with fine remix albums & MP3s and these are getting popular in the web world. Old songs were termed as boring by the youth, but after this new trend of movie song remixes has set in they just love these songs.

Old albums of the likes of Kishore Kumar and Lata Mangeshkar have been recomposed and millions of copies have been sold and downloaded, thanks to the remixes. Dj Aqueel, Dj Akhtar, Dj suketu and many others have changed the scene of Indian music. However, many senior singers do not appreciate this trend to remix old songs with modern music.

Hindi pop music has also evolved and has gone ‘hinglish’. Bombay Vikings and many others with English come hindi music are really well accepted by people of all ages in India and worldwide.

With new talents being discovered everyday, the music industry has really grown in the past few years. Hindi music, Indian music is one thing in the future to really look out for.

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