World Red Cross Day

May 8- World Red Cross Day

The World Red Cross Day is celebrated every year on May 8. It is an important day in the history of mankind simply because of the role played by Red Cross in saving lives and aiding the defenseless communities around the world. May 8 is also the birthday of the founder of Red Cross, Henri Dunant. The International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC) is a private institution founded in 1863 in Geneva, Switzerland. Red Cross has contributed significantly to the relief of human distress and misery. In times of war, battles, famine, disease or any other natural calamities, Red Cross has remained at the forefront. It is credited to provide life to millions of people all across the globe.

Every year there is a selection of theme on the World Red Cross Day. The theme emphasizes the goal of the celebration. For instance, theme of this year was “Together for Humanity”. The aim behind choosing this theme was to make people notice the importance of partnerships. If more organizations become partners for helping people that are suffering because of some disasters, it will benefit the entire world. Humanitarian challenges are growing and that demands stronger local and global associations to face the situation.

Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies have the honor of being world’s largest humanitarian network to provide relief. They have presence in more than 170 countries. Red Cross society has always believed in carrying out great works silently. More than 240 million people across the globe are recipient of free assistance provided by dedicated Red Cross workers. Having said that, it is no easy task but Red Cross must be commended for the way they have done their job in an excellent manner. According to data, Red Cross and Red Crescent have total 97 million members and volunteers.

They provide first aid and other possible assistance to the victim on the battlefield. It is truly a remarkable job performed by Red Cross.