Interesting Facts

It is a sheer delight to know about some of the interesting facts, previously we were unaware of. These interesting facts are spread across numerous facets like history, humans, geography, politics, animal kingdom, psychology and what not! It’s imperative to remain aware of these facts because they can make us aware of some fascinating, delightful and interesting pieces of information. It’s a time of rapid change and rapid progress. What was useful yesterday turns out to be irrelevant today. Reading interesting facts will make you more exciting and will equip you with plenty of knowledge. These facts can also provide us with new insights. They help us in exploring the world, thinking over events, marvelling over nature…

Here are some facts :

– Vanilla is the world’s most favourite Ice Cream flavour.

– The flattest country in the world is Maldives with a maximum natural ground of just 2.3 meters.

– It has remained unsolved but a duck’s quack does not echo.

– Bingham Canyon Mine is the largest excavation in the world.

– The Fraser Island in Australia is also known as the largest sand island.

– Astronaut Neil Armstrong first stepped on the moon with his left foot.

– Any clue about shortest complete sentence in the English language? Its, “I Am.”

– How hard you try, you cannot fold any piece of paper more than 7 times.

– Bermuda Triangle houses the most notorious sea in the world known as Sargasso Sea.

– Only one planet rotates clockwise and that’s Venus.

– Refrain from using shades of blue colour because mosquitoes are attracted to this colour twice as much as any other colour.

– No less than 25,000 islands are situated in the Pacific Ocean.

– The actual function of mosquito repellents is of blocking the mosquito’s sensors and that way they wouldn’t be able to know your whereabouts.