Interesting Facts About Floods , Flood Facts

Natural disasters come in an unpredictable way. Metro cities usually are laid with a disaster management plan. A bit of knowledge about floods will help us realize how we can contribute to maintain the natural balance and thwart floods. Floods cause a lot of damage to property and money. Loss to human life is the biggest issue. The government is launching new plans to bolster the states from replication of previous incidents.

Urban floods have a severe problem owing to clogging of traffic. The right step is to abandon the vehicle and take remedial steps. Cooperating with the volunteers involved in the operation is vital to avoid chaos. Excess rainfall is the main result for floods. This is detected by the weather bureaus with authentic prediction patterns that signal towards floods.

Another flood fact is the city sewerage that fails to accumulate or store the rain water. This immediately gathers and the dirt accumulated in the same allows the water to be stagnant for a long time. The tides also play havoc with rising water in the river and this leak over to the banks. Reconstruction of dams and building houses away from rivers is another convincing idea.

Drainage system has to be supervised and sewerage plans must check for clogging irrespective of the climate. This ensures free flowing of water. Clogging in the snow lands because of ice or excess melting of snow is another bane of the weather. Much is talked about ecology and preservation and yet there is a lot of need to be done by the common man.

Abolishing of plastic that causes choking in the rivers is a main issue in metro places. Throwing of waste on the sands of beaches signals us towards unpredictable floods. This has to be controlled by strict policies and clean up plans by the government. Awareness of floods and basic instructions rendered by the official department has to be heeded during times of panic.

Widening of rivers is another fix to this problem and also rebuilding the dams. The soil has to be monitored by not harming the mangroves which is often the backbone of most coastal areas. Planting more trees and doing our bit towards ecology is advisable for avoiding such happenings.

Some Flood facts:

Flash floods can occur many miles away from a storm. If you are under a Flash Flood Warning, you are in danger, even though it may not be raining where you are.
• Most deaths from severe storms and flash floods are entirely preventable, provided proper precautions are taken.
The vast majority of people killed in a severe storm or a flash flood are males.
• Most people killed in flash floods were in a vehicle.
• The vast majority of people killed in straight-line thunderstorm winds are struck by falling debris.

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