Memory improvement techniques – Memory improvement tips

Memory improvement techniques : Relax and don’t tire or force out the information you want. A relaxed mind is able to release the information in a better way. Relaxation helps improve memory. Anything that helps in reducing anxiety, yet improves alertness and arousal is worth considering & good for memory improvement.
Organizing & storing information in a systematic way helps.

Physical fitness, good lifestyle, proper diet. Regular sleep patterns help in giving brain rest.
Read books on memory improvement techniques. Memory improvement books contain useful tips which seem to work in most cases, if applied well.

Improve Memory articles – We all use these articles. These reminders include alarm watches, beeping key chains, pin boards and wall charts, clapping hands, calendars, lists, note pads or jotters, colored stickers, daily action plans, diaries , organizers, wakeup calls, electronic calculators and organizers, fridge reminders, post-it notes,  telephone answering machines, electronic timers that turn on appliances at particular times