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An introduction: India has come in a close second in the sale of mobile phones in the year 2006. China has led the race of mobile sales being the highest in the world. In India however the GSM phones rule over the CDMA handsets. Leading the categories are Nokia, Samsung, Sony Erickson while Reliance takes a large size share in the corporate segment.

Subscribers in India are basking in the glory of the ever increasing number of subscriber patronage. Around 14.95 crore new subscribers were listed up from 8.5 subscribers in 2005. A gargantuan number of around 5 million customers enrol each month giving the network providers a huge profit margin. According to the increasing number the subscribers list is said to hit 48 crores by 2011 that is an approximate of 50 crore. Wow, this is some industry that is climbing the path no matter what comes in its way.

Now to analyse why the growth graph seems to be at an all time high means to understand the buyers psyche. As the economic stability of the country is growing so is that of an individual. Income patterns are rising and employees are moving up the corporate ladder. They want to be seen with better handsets as there is a quaint feeling that the mobile should match the designation or just make a status statement with a smart and expensive phone. Hence with such attitudes ruling the market everyone wants to stand out with the handset they own.

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