Outdoor Games

Requirements- 3 Hula Hoops, small foam balls, or bean bags, or other toss able thing (We used plastic Easter eggs around Easter).

Set the Hula Hoops out on the ground in a triangle shape.  Have the children take turns trying to toss a ball or bean bag into each hoop.

Idea- Make it more challenging for older kids by designating hoops as being worth different numbers of points

Obstacle Course

Requirements- Use what ever you have on hand, cones, hula hoops, baseball bases, hockey sticks, etc.

Set up an obstacle course a hockey stick to jump over, a hula hoop to crawl through, cones to run around, etc. Have kids take turns going through the obstacle course.

Idea- Do this during Sports Week or have your own Olympics and give out medals!

Lilly Pad Leap/ Ice Berg Jump- (Which ever fits your needs)

Play this indoors or out, all you need is newspaper!

Set out various news papers folded into squares and tell kids they are the Lilly Pads or Ice Bergs!  Have the kids run around until you shout “here comes the hungry fish, or hungry walrus!”

Then they have to jump on a lily pad or ice berg to be safe.  When the creature says “no food here I guess” the kids know it’s safe to come off , then take away one of the newspapers, keep doing it until you are down to the last news paper.

Any frog or penguin that gets caught or falls off the safe spot has to help you catch the others.

Hen and Chicks

Have two safe points such as trees some distance apart.

One person is in the middle as the Hen trying to round up her chicks.

When she calls for her chicks all the little chicks run from one point to the other while the mother hen tries to catch them.

If they are caught they have to stay in the middle and help mother hen.  The last chick caught gets to be the hen for the next round.

Idea- Change it to what ever animal you want to fit a theme.

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