Preparing For An Essay Writing Competition

Essay writing is an art, a hobby. An essay is essentially your attempt to explain your point of view, and a skilfully writing written essay is clear, illuminating and informative. Most children are not comfortable when they are told to write an essay. Good essay writing is achieved through practice. Therefore the more the kid writes; the more he becomes comfortable in writing an essay.

So you’re kid is participating in an essay writing competition, then you need to follow certain guidelines to make sure he or she gets full score from the examiner. There are few rules and regulations one needs to know before entering the competition in order to know the criteria for excellent writing. Apart from that, you just need to be confident and just write whatever is there in your heart and mind.

Some important points to remember before writing an essay:
• Your essay should be completely a product of your own thought. Do not copy from anyone else.
• Do not discuss the topic or content with anyone else.
• The essay must be between five to ten pages in 12 points in good handwriting.
• Limit your essay to minimum pages with cohesive and well reasoned arguments.
• Make sure your essay is creative and well supported and complete.

Your essay will be judged on these points:
• Grammar and style: Your essay will be graded on grammar, spelling and use of Standard English. Therefore, proofread your essay before you submit.
• Thesis driven argument: The examiners look for you to state a thesis and support it with a well reasoned, well organized essay.
• Use of support: You will be graded on intelligent use of sources to support your arguments and ideas.
• Originality and creativity: Originality will be rewarded, particularly when an essay demonstrates creative and analytical thinking.
• Do not break the format: Remember that your essay should be in proper format, exclude other materials, and address one but no more than two long sources.
Make sure your kid doesn’t mug up essays. You should encourage your kid to develop his or her own ideas. Otherwise the whole purpose of writing an essay becomes meaningless. Most of the kids start with the same clichéd lines while writing an essay. You should encourage them with their own fresh ideas. This will develop their imagination.

Step by step guidelines
• Define the context: If you are given certain directions, follow them. A brilliant essay might fail to make its point if you don’t follow the rules.
• Choose a topic you are interested in: If you have lot of options to choose from then choose a topic you are interested in, and your passionate and well-versed with.

Gather your information:
• Plan your essay.
• Write the body of your essay first.
• Conclude your essay.
• Read through your essay
• Revise
• Proof read.
Follow these simple rules of essay writing and you should have a nicely written essay that all enjoy to read.