Preparing for Elocution Competition

While preparing for an elocution competition, it is very important to organize well. There are several factors which are adjudged during a competition. It is a culmination of voice quality, speech content and the delivery standards. The people who are judging are very much influential and have deep knowledge of the topic. The topic has to be correctly understood. The topics can range from environment issues; global warming and women related issues to simple topics like playground playing, festivals or similar ones.

Once the date is decided, you must make adequate preparations so that there is no clash of priorities. The child must be at ease. A topic like save water sounds easy but can go up a very high level. Whatever the content, the essence must be a simple message that does not lose focus. Getting the speech written by a good writer is essential. This is imperative so that the flow of thought is uninterrupted. Moreover, practice sessions are indeed essential. Once the topic is clearly understood, it must be important to go through finer details.

Knowing the platform is again good. Inter school competitions depend on the age and maturity of the child. The topic is a choice given to the students. Generally for a competition the topic is similar. This is to evidently bring out the best essay and eloquence. While participating, the winning idea must not be the main aim. This is a ground to understand and realize. Once the children are exposed to various levels of competitions, it is important to let them rehearse well. The topics go from easy ones to other issues at the international level.

The phrases or sentences must have a very strong impact. Eloquence also means in expressing the right punctuations. The punches must be actually felt by the public. The electronic representation of the same speech certainly lends a different voice quality. It is best to consider this form of practicing and hence using the mike is recommended. There are several eminent speakers who speak easily and noticing their body language helps us to know more about style and composure.

Once the confidence on stage is high, it is good to improve other grounds. The uniqueness in the style of eloquence comes with years of experience. There rendition technique is learnt by the constant correction of a good teacher. There are several classes on elocution or public speaking which is good if you suffer from stage fear. The classes offer sessions that negate your fear, stage factor and apprehensions. The neutralization of accent is another viewpoint of the classes which is brought well in each session.

It is interesting to note that while speaking during extempore speeches, the confidence is highlighted with the nodding consent of the interested audience. Taking cue from the same, the speaker can highlight a particular point and use a good vocabulary to impress his matter. The highlight of any elocution is the beginning and summary.