Short Stories For Children

inspiring & motivating short stories for kids.

This is the story of Nestor the Long Earred Donkey
When Nestor was a little donkey all the other donkeys laughed at him because of his very long ears. His mother was always saying “Ears Nestor”! One day the owner put Nestor out into the cold and snowy night. Well, I mean to tell you, Nestor’s mother became very upset, and caused a big scene. She kicked and brayed and darted right out of that shelter. Yes, she left the warmth of the stable to find and protect her son.

When at last she did find him, (She saw his ears sticking up out of a snow bank) she laid her body over Nestor to protect him from the cold. At last the storm passed and the sun came out, but poor Nestor had no mommy, she had given up her life to save her son.

Poor Nestor began to cry, he just wandered around with no place to go and no one to love him.
One day, when he was really lonely and feeling sorry for himself, do you know what happened? A little cherub who’s name was Tille, came right down out of the sky. She sure took Nestor by surprise. Tille was sent to make sure Nestor got wherever it was that God wanted him to go. This puzzled Nestor, because he could not imagine what good he could be to anyone. But Tille said:
“Your ears can do a wondrous thing
No other ears can do
The sounds they hear will guide you
On a path that’s straight and true
And you will save another
As your mother once saved you.”

They had a long journey ahead of them. For Nestor had to go to a place called Bethlehem. That was far away. Nestor and Tille had lots of fun. They played in deep cold snow drifts, frolicked in the refreshing cool rain, and danced through green, sweet smelling meadows. They trudged up mountain sides, and floated across the waters as the seasons passed and they got closer and closer. The animals on the way laughed at Nestor, but he did not care anymore, for he had found a friend. He had found someone who loved him.

All of a sudden, WHAM! Tille told Nestor she had to leave him, to go home, but she would return. Nestor didn’t understand at all. Tlhey were not at Bethlehem, how would he get there without her? Tille smiled, and said,
“You will know when the time is right. And I will come back then”
So Nestor was alone again. He was taken in by a merchant, a dealer in animals, and given a place in his stables. Oh yes, the other animals laughed and made jokes about his long ears.

“Look at little Nestor
He has ears that drag the ground
They whispered as they mocked him
But he heard every sound.
Nestor’s heart was broken
His eyes were full of tears
If only there was something
He could do about his ears.

Poor Nestor wanted Tille back so badly. He could not stand this new lonliness much longer. But wait! There was someone at the stable door! No, not someone, there were two someones, a man and a woman. The woman looked so very tired. Carefully they looked over the animals, and YEP! you got it! They chose Nestor over all the other animals there. Of course Nestor did not even think of his ears. He was someone special. He was chosen. The inn keeper felt sorry for Mary and Joseph and gave the little donkey to them. At last Nestor was on the way to Bethlehem again.
But it was a hard journey. The nights were bitter and Nestor’s ears had to wrap around the tired one who sat on his back, to protect her. Then a terrible, terrible windstorm came up, and they lost sight of the star they were following. Oh dear, what were they to do. Nestor’s ears shot straight up. He thought he heard something. He did, He heard Tille. And in a glowing vision he saw her:
“Your ears can do a wondrous thing
No other ears can do
The sounds they hear will guide you
On a path that’s straight and true
And you will save another
As your mother once saved you.”

And even more wondrous, he saw his mother. She smiled at him and told him to follow the song of the angels. Tears fell from Nestor’s eyes as he promised he would follow, and he heard his mother’s voice “Ears Nestor”.
Nestor had a secret
Only he could hear the sound
As the angels gave directions
To the ears that dragged the ground

This was a new, proud Nestor. For he knew that on his back was a very special person, and he had been chosen for a very special reason. He had been chosen because his long ears could hear directions, and could also shelter Mary from the wind and cold. Oh yes, Nestor walked very proudly. And he did not even mind it when he would hear: Ears Nestor.

At last they arrived in Bethlehem, and since there was not a room to be had anywhere, Nestor found them a cozy place in a stable, where they would be warm and protected. He had done his job well.

And so it was that Nestor
Found the manger where they stayed
Where kings and wisemen bowed before
A baby where he layed
Mary bore our Saviour
Nestor brought them there
A gift of love from God above
For all the world to share.

Now the animals were singing a new song. They didn’t laugh at Nestor anymore, for news got around of how his long ears had saved Mary and her newborn baby. They became his friends, and froliced and played and sang of his praises.
Look at little Nestor
He’s got ears that drag the ground
They shouted as they praised him
And his friends all gathered round
Nestor’s heart was happy
His eyes held no more tears
Now all the world knows Nestor
For his lughter and his ears.


by Mani Hira


Long ago, there lived a crooked jackal named ‘Sam’ in a forest. He had no friends as he behaved like a crooked animal. Even animal of his gene like fox, dog, wolf did not mingle with him. They all avoided the jackal.

During the night, he terrorized other animals in the forest by howling loudly. In the calm, serene atmosphere the howling of ‘Sam’ became a nuisance. The little animals used to carve into their burrows as soon as the jackal produces the ugly sound. It was pure sadism, which followed the wicked animal. ‘No, other animal in this jungle can howl louder than me, my mere voice will horrify all other animals’, he added.

The harassment of the jackal continued un-abated. Unfortunately, none of the animals in the forest dared to ask ‘Sam’ to stop this menace. The pressure tactics of the jackal, to bewilder the animals, took a quiver turn one day. He got a mask of the giant animal dinosaur, left out by a group of tourists. After adorning the mask, the jackal shouted at other animals, ‘Look, now onwards I am a dinosaur, with the strength and courage, I can sabotage the entire universe’. I will walk always wearing this mask, he announced.

The little animals shivered and frightened. They could not withstand the extent of damage to be caused by a dinosaur. The ‘Sam’ ruled the jungle like a king adorning the mask of a dinosaur. Days passed, One day the jackal in an inebriated condition traveled to the remote corner of the forest. He was alone. He could not howl, suddenly a huge rock like creature came in front of him. The jackal could not believe his eyes. It was a dinosaur. He was not at all a match for the real dinosaur. He had heard about these giant animals, which lived on the earth, centuries ago. Sam tried to howl loudly for help, but was in vain. The real dinosaur crushed the jackal under his feet and walked away.