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A story takes you to a different world altogether. You can fly, sing, dance with mermaids and run like the wind. There is nothing stopping you when you read a story. We grow up with stories. In our childhood, we love to hear fairytale stories, of queens and kings of wicked stepmothers and hungry wolves. And we would love to be a princess or prince. Have a kingdom of our own and save our subjects.

As we grow up, we take to Enid Blyton’s world of Secret Five, Noddy and a lot more. There is Asterix & Obelix, Tin Tin, Phatom and the other superheroes. So overwhelming are the stories that we see little kids with cloaks and masks wielding their plastic sword. They want to be Spiderman for the next fancy dress competition in school or dress like Batman to a formal party.

A few more years and schools immerse us in stories of our country, the battles fought, the independence stories, the freedom struggles of the world. We begin to think of the atrocities in Germany and the Russian Revolution. Our minds want to take on a serious activity. I want to become a doctor, a pilot while some go on to say I want to become the Prime Minister of the country.

More into adulthood, novelists endear us into stories that shake the ground beneath our feet.
Shakespeare, Wordsworth, Rudyard Kipling, Milton, Mary Shelly are immortal. The new generation writers include Jeffery Archer, Robert Ludlum, Dan Brown and hundreds more join the list every year.

Stories they say are like a man’s best friend. They are always with you, they never let you down and you can always turn to them when you are feeling down. A few books are so un-putdownable, where you forget all your worries, troubles and tensions. You forget where you are and what you had to do next. People are known to stay up all night reading a story. Even sleep cannot get the better of the readers. Thanks to readers there are novelists and because of novelists there are stories. That live in our hearts and mind. They are immortal and the best ones go to our children and their children.

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