Toothache, Toothache Remedies, Toothache Relief

A toothache is any pain or soreness within or around a tooth, indicating inflammation and possible infection.

Generally a toothache happens if tooth decay penetrated the pulp chamber or is very close to it, which contains the nerves and tiny blood vessels.

Ideally for a toothache is to undergo a dental treatment at once. There are of over-the-counter (OTC) pain relievers to cure toothaches that you can choose from.

Most common are Paracetamol, Aspirin, and Acetaminophen. If you feel that a small swelling has occured, you may take NSAID (Non-Steroidal Anti-Inflammatory Drugs) for its inflammatory action, like Ibuprofen and Mefenamic Acid. However, those with a history of of ulcers and those pregnant women needs a doctor’s reccomendation when taking NSAID and Aspirin.

Home remedy : Ice is excellent in numbing nerve endings.

Try to compress the affected area with ice. But if it aggravates the pain, discontinue it.
Toothache needs an emergency treatment. A sharp, throbbing pain is usually irreversible, and the above remedies only relieves the pain, not cure it. Maintaining proper oral hygiene is the key to preventing toothaches.

The best way to prevent tooth decay is to brush at least twice a day, preferably after every meal and snack.

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